From Judgment to Non-Judgment: Transitioning From “It is O.K.” to “It is Perfect”

“Good judgment comes from experience, and
a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”  Will Rogers

Isabel Hickey, my astrological teacher and now spirit mentor, wrote: “Life is flowingness, and in is flowing there is meaning and (cosmic) law. I cannot lose what is my own. I need not seek what is my own for what belongs to me shall come.  If anything goes, it is because it does not belong to me.  What I am alone has power.  If I give up the personal struggle and ambition, all that is rightfully mine will be drawn to me.  I let go and Let God run my life.” Life doesn’t change.  The same ‘issues’ arise.  What CAN and IS changing is my reaction to life.

An acquaintance emailed me a message from a channel she likes who writes on YouTube, and spun me up.  At first, I was just ‘spun up’, reacting to her energy, and to her ‘need’ to email this information to me.  I struggled not to judge her, or the material itself as annoying, useless, etc. realizing this was a sign that it was my ego that was in control.

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The Why Allegory By Isabel Hickey

Note:  Although I did not write this myself, I’ve received a special request from its author, Issie, who is now in the Spirit World, and acts a s my astrological mentor and teacher ‘from there’.  While I was compiling my list of new articles to add to my website, she clairaudiently came to me and requested that I include her channeled allegory to my list of articles.  And of course I said:” Of course. I’d love to, Issie Thank you again for all you give to me from the Spirit World. I wouldn’t be the spiritual astrologer I am if it weren’t for you and your guidance.”  And so Mote It Be.

I leaned from the low-hung crescent moon and grasping the west-pointing horn of it, looked down.  Against the other horn reclined, motionless, a Shining One who looked at me, but I was unafraid.

Below me the hills and valleys were thick with humans, and the moon swung low that I might see what they did.

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