Spiritual Protection Shields

In the occult mystery schools, the mystics taught their students the laws of protection which they called, “The Ring Pass Not”.

These protections shields are most powerful when said by you in faith – faith that they are real and that they do have the power to protect you, because you are invoking the power of the Word of God.  This protecting power can be placed around yourself or your loved ones; they need to be renewed at least twice a day.  Try to say one when getting up in the morning and again before you go to sleep at night.  It’s also helpful to use one when you are going to be in a large public place where you will be “picking up” the emotions of many people, such as in a mall, movie theater or large restaurant, if you can remember. 

If the Christian references to Jesus Christ* bother you, or you are not a Christian, then replace it with any sacred word that you trust has the power to protect you from negative energy i.e. Universal Love, Divine Love, Angels of Power, Archangel Michael, Great Mystery, Creator, etc.  

 It is Love that is needed for these shields to be effective, nothing more, nothing less. So, as long as they are said ‘in the name, through the power of, and by the word of Universal Love, any protection shield will work….so, when you say them visualize anything that you truly, sincerely, deeply  and genuinely love….so you will attract it to you. Love is the energy that protects.

 Foremost, if like so many of us you are saying “I don’t love…or I can’t love…just Fake It Until You Make It….and with practice and intention, it WILL become a reality.

 In the meantime, let it be O.K. if you forget! We all do. This is about developing another good habit, but that takes time and patience.

 Try each one and use the one(s) that resonate within you. Visualize the shield as you say the words.

 It needs to be said only once to work.

Don’t worry about how long it takes, or how “choppy” it sounds. Again, “Fake it until you make it”.

There’s only one mistake you can make..quitting…Instead, just ‘keep on keeping on trying, and eventually, the habit will be formed, and it will become second nature to you, and you will ‘love’ how it makes you feel.  Relax! Trust Yourself! Trust the Process…and Enjoy the Feeling of Success!



The Wall of Flame is particularly useful whenever, and wherever you travel. If, for example, your mode of travel is by car, include the car, all who are driving with you and anything in the car with you.  If by airplane, for another example, simply change the wording to meet the particular need.  You can also use this to protect your apartment and all of your belongings, or anything (or anyone) else that you may want to protect in your absence.

The Wall of Flame: “In the name and through the power and by the word of Christ Jesus, a wall of living flame is built around me, (you can bring others and material objects in also) and I give thanks to God (or my Higher Self) that this is done. Amen.” 


Aura Cleansing or Spiritual Bath:

There are times when you may find that negative thoughts and emotions sweep over you and cloud your judgment.  Whenever you find yourself emotionally disturbed, irritated or critical, as the result of your own thinking or because the thoughts or emotions of others have impinged themselves upon you, it is possible to bring the situation under control by cleansing your aura.  You can sweep these thoughts out of your feeling world by visualizing your aura flooded with the pure, white Light of the Christ as you say:

“In the name and through the power and by the word of Christ Jesus, my aura is cleansed and purified with his pure, white light and I give thanks to God that this is done. Amen.”

The Transmutation of Negative Thoughts and Vibrations:

This is a protection shield for those who are especially concerned with the healing and helping of others (and when you feel someone’s vibrations impinging on your thoughts and feelings):

“Beloved Christ, very humbly, I ask that all negative thoughts and vibrations directed toward me (you can add other names here as well as your own) be transmuted by Thy great love into positive thoughts and vibrations and be sent out to bless the world.  I thank Thee, dear Lord. Amen.”

Often these unloving thoughts are directed toward us by others who are completely unaware that they are sending any negation our way.  Everyone, including ourselves, do the best we can with the knowledge we possess at the time. Remember, Society teaches us that is our ‘right’ and ‘duty’ to judge others..but when we judge, we then set up the Law of Karma that says we now will be judged in like kind.   

The Armor of Light Protection Shield:

The Armor of God (Protection Shield) appears as a dazzling white Light completely surrounding the person so clothed.  This is another way in which you can protect yourself from dangers, negative influences or disturbing situations:

“In the Name and through the Power and by the Word of Christ Jesus, I put on the whole Armor of Light. On my head I place the helmet of salvation. Around my chest, I wear the breastplate of righteousness. My loins are girded with the truth. My feet are shod in peace and enveloped in the flame of the spirit of Almighty God. In my left hand, I hold the shield of faith, and in my right hand is the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  The Word of God is unassailable and thus no evil can come nigh my habitation. Thus clad I stand, joyfully expectant, ready and willing to do the will of the living Christ.  Amen.”

Needs to be done before you begin your day, and before you fall asleep each night.  Also particularly effective for crowds, as when you go to the shopping malls, concerts, museums, etc.


If you need something quick and easy, you can say (with faith and trust) as you visualize:

The Robe of Light:  “I place this robe of white Light around me as I go out into the world, knowing that I am protected by God’s Love and His Power.”

The Triune Ray: Love, Life and Light:  Use it for yourself when you feel out of rhythm, discouraged or discontented.  Use it to cleanse, bless and heal.  Because it is such a powerful vibration, it MUST be tempered to the spiritual unfoldment of all to whom it is sent.

The sending forth of the triune ray is a form of prayer and is a joyous sacrificial service.  As you channel the creative Love, Life and Light of God, you become a living broadcasting station, which operates in the name and through the power of Jesus Christ.  

Make your alignment within yourself with the power of the ray and become one with it.  After you feel the rhythm of it within yourself, send it forth to do the will of the Father, in the Name of the Living Christ.  Remember that you have no part in it except to channel the power and direct it to the need. Do not forget to ask that this potent ray be tempered, and speak the Word impersonally.

 The power of the Triune Ray awaits only the spoke word to release it, so use it freely.  It will help you solve many problems in your everyday life.  Recharge yourself and infill with its healing vibrations when you feel you are functioning below normal or are fatigued. Identify yourself with the ray.  Feel the power of it permeating your whole being as you say:

“In the Name and through the power of Christ Jesus, I flood my body, mind and soul with the Love, Life and Light of the Triune Ray, of God, Universal Father-Mother, Love, the Son, and Life and the Holy Spirit, Light. This Triune Ray is now extended out into all of my affairs, tempered to my spiritual unfoldment.  I thank you Dear Father-Mother God that all my needs are now being met.”  So Mote It Be


The Challenge (in bold below) is another powerful protection. It is of special importance to those who are sensitive enough (developing psychic gifts) to be aware of beings on the inner planes of consciousness, especially the astral planes (of desire), those closest to the Earth.

 Because the substance of these inner (lower astral planes) can be manipulated, it is necessary to challenge the evidence of your extended senses.  (This is especially well-known and understood when you are trying to use the Ouija board..or in a Chat Room). The Challenge when given in the Name of Jesus Christ will dissipate all false manifestations.

As your inner (psychic) senses unfold you may see a vision, hear a voice, smell an odor or sense an unseen presence, depending upon you particular type of sensitivity (clairvoyance – seeing, clairaudience, hearing, clairessence, smelling and tasting, clairsentience, feeling or touch). It does not matter how beautiful the vision, how glorious the one who appears before you may seem to be, how true the words you hear, how delightful the fragrance or how intoxicating the sensation you feel, always challenge it….until you have an inner “Knowing” that it is from Someone you can Trust with your Life…This comes with practice, but as a beginner, it is imperative that you always Challenge anyone or anything that comes to you psychically from the Inner Planes..or the World of Spirit. 

You should allow nothing to enter your aura whether you are awake or asleep.  Your aura is an emanation which is oval in shape and extends about three feet from your body.  Your body temple is sacred unto the Creator, sacred unto you, to whom it is lent, for it is your “holy of Holies” and your inner sanctum.  It is very necessary that you protect yourself and your world from negative forces that function on the inner planes, who would uninvited, enter your mental, emotional and even physical being.  Always forcefully challenge any and all manifestations of your extended senses with these words:

“In the name of Christ Jesus, I challenge you.  Have you come in His name? If not, then leave me immediately.”

Those who are not of the Light cannot hear the sound of His Holy Name and will leave your presence at once when you give the challenge.  Any false vision or unpleasant sensation or coldness will be dissipated; a cross of Light may appear given by those who come gladly when they hear the sound of His Name.

There are many reasons for these inner plane contacts.  You need have no fear in regard to them, as you can always use the challenge and it MUST be obeyed.  This is the Divine Law.  Your own loved ones may come to you and because of their great love for you will seek recognition.

If you are consecrated to Him, and working to help humanity, many of the bright and shining ones will draw close to you and impress upon your mind, ideas for even greater service.  If you are a healer, those seeking help may come from the inner planes for healing. If you are seeking to know God better, and to follow Jesus as your Master Teacher, and are ready for advanced instruction, you will attract those who have the power to instruct you in the things of God, and His Inner Planes.  “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” 

Sometimes the effect of spiritual power flowing through you may bring tears to your eyes. Do not let this disturb you for it is only the outer adjustment of the physical body to the inflow of the Holy Spirit. If on the contrary, you should experience a chilling sensation instead of a warm glow, you will know that you have contacted a vibration that is below your present state of unfoldment.  This “chill” is like a warning signal and you should immediately protect yourself and use the challenge.

Many aspirants in their eagerness for spiritual progress become unduly elated by the awakening of their inner senses (psychic abilities). The glamor of phenomena blinds them.  Pride, curiosity and egotism must be eliminated if one would treat the narrow way that leads to the life more abundant.  Remember that true spiritual unfoldment must go hand in hand with the mastery of the senses.  The only safe place upon the mountain of power, is upon your knees, symbolically speaking.  Thus calls for the development of the will, the overcoming of character weaknesses and obedience to the still, small voice of the in-dwelling Christ…also felt as and known as your Voice of Conscience or the gut feeling in your solar plexus.



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