Spiritual Psychic

As a spiritual psychic, I work best when you have a very difficult, painful issue that you have not been able to resolve yourself. It will be something that is very painful to own, something that may make you lie awake at night, or be self-indulgent to run from the emotional pain it is causing you. It will often make you feel a lot of fear, guilt or shame. As embarrassing, or humiliating it is to share it with another person, I can guarantee that you will feel a lot better when you hang up. The advice that comes from The Other Side, from your Spirit Guides or Higher Self is always accurate, loving, and non-judgmental. The reading will dispel the fear, the guilt and the shame. It will also give you things you can actively do to correct the situation, and you can always call back for another session if you want one. If you want information about someone else, other than yourself, I will need something of theirs to psychometrize (hold), and you will need to get this to me BEFORE the reading. The information you receive is always something you need to know to grow, or to better understand what is already occurring, and you are always grateful for the insights. The session does not end until you feel better, and are ready to cope with the situation again.