From Judgment to Non-Judgment: Transitioning From “It is O.K.” to “It is Perfect”

“Good judgment comes from experience, and
a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”  Will Rogers

Isabel Hickey, my astrological teacher and now spirit mentor, wrote: “Life is flowingness, and in is flowing there is meaning and (cosmic) law. I cannot lose what is my own. I need not seek what is my own for what belongs to me shall come.  If anything goes, it is because it does not belong to me.  What I am alone has power.  If I give up the personal struggle and ambition, all that is rightfully mine will be drawn to me.  I let go and Let God run my life.” Life doesn’t change.  The same ‘issues’ arise.  What CAN and IS changing is my reaction to life.

An acquaintance emailed me a message from a channel she likes who writes on YouTube, and spun me up.  At first, I was just ‘spun up’, reacting to her energy, and to her ‘need’ to email this information to me.  I struggled not to judge her, or the material itself as annoying, useless, etc. realizing this was a sign that it was my ego that was in control.

But, I still had to go through this step before I could move to ‘Letting it be O.K.’ and then to the stage I am practicing today: non-judgment.  Or, “It is perfect that she emailed me this information.  It is perfect that I was spun up about it.”  And I ‘know’ it is, because I am learning things about myself that I want to learn, things for which I have asked God/Spirit/my Higher Self for help.  And this is how They decided to give it to me, which means that this is perfect.  My responsibility is to either just accept that it IS perfect, or to seek to understand WHY it is perfect, if this is what I need to do.  But, one way or the other, I KNOW it is.  I know this because I have sought to prove that it is, and Those On The Other Side have obliged me, and proven it to me, again and again and again, for the past 40 years or so.  So, now, I ‘know’.  This is how I have come to believe, trust and act on what I am writing here.

My Journey began with judging everything in my world as either wrong or bad, because that is how I was raised, meaning that is what I signed up for. I ‘know’ I chose my parents because they were the best teachers for me; and today, I know I was right.  As a child, I would have said I was crazy….but, it was perfect.  And today, I love, bless, and appreciate them for giving me ‘life’. Remember, there’s only one way to get here – a man and a woman who are already ‘here’ have to be ready, willing and able to give YOU a physical body to use so your Soul can have its chance to live its life.  But, back to the story.

Non-judgment means that I am not even aware that there is a ‘fork in the road’ when something happens to me.  For example, when I am driving a car, and someone cuts in front of me, I have no feelings about it one way or the other.  It is just what it is. I slow down to accommodate them, and continue with my own private thoughts.  They have not even made a ripple in my emotional ocean.  This is because their action did not have any affect on me at all, and so there was no effect either.  My life was not impacted by their choice, nor by their contact with me, because I did not react.  I did not react because I felt no reaction.  I didn’t care about their choice.  Because I didn’t care, I did not judge it.  Because I didn’t care, I didn’t ‘think’ about it.  Because I didn’t think about it, it didn’t enter my ‘space’, and therefore didn’t need to be dealt with.  It was not an issue.  It created no energy in me. None.  In this ONE area of my life, I have mastered Judgment of Others. I am living as God intended me to live – in peace and harmony with others, and with the Universe itself.  I did NOT personalize their action, so I saved myself one karmic grain of sand.

Now, let’s take the opposite position: something I ‘hate’, so I judge it as wrong or bad to the nth degree.  War.  Just writing the word can create turbulence in my emotional ocean.  And the judgment?  Of course it’s wrong. How could killing be right? Right?  IT is never God’s intention that we kill each other, for any reason.  One of the Ten Commandments says so.  And I’ve heard the argument that they are part of the Old Testament, and therefore not what Jesus taught, but Jesus lived these 10 Commandments himself, so he must have agreed with them, and believed they did, in fact, come from God, because Jesus lived as God directed him to live, to the best of his ability.

War is an abomination.  Everyone suffers, and no one truly wins that I can see, anyway.  So, now that I have judged this as wrong, emotionally I begin to feel angry about it, depressed, and perhaps fearful, if someone I know and love is in combat, fighting in it.  And my hatred of it can spread to others, probably will, because I also feel powerless over it, can’t stop it, can’t protect those I love from it, can’t do anything about it that can have any effect.  I just have to live with it, and hope and pray nothing really bad happens, at least to me and to those closest to me.  Otherwise, I also feel oh so much sadness for those who lose their lives, or their limbs, or their minds because of it, and for those whose loved ones suffer, or for the innocent who get caught in the crossfire, as always seems to happen in war.  And the negative feelings of loss, anger, and fear go on and on and on.  They can now spread out to other areas of my life that initially had nothing to do with the war.  My hate, my negative judgments, can spread as wide as my thoughts can go, or my imagination can take me.  There is no end.  And if I act on these negative judgments, out of fear, which is at the root of the hate, then I create a karmic debt that I must pay back at some future time, whether I remember it or not, whether it is in this lifetime or another.  Still, the debt remains and I must pay it back before I can move forward with my own goals.

What stops this spread of hate, anger, and fear?  Me, realizing that I no longer love or approve of myself, because all I am capable of feeling now is negative emotions.  I become aware that I now judge Everything  – ALL incoming information – as wrong or bad…or at least 90% of it, and when something begins as ‘O.K.’ or good, it can often become bad after only a few minutes of bliss.

From here, I began to realize that all I ever felt was that which was wrong or bad; that everything in life became wrong, or bad, or less than perfect.  My world was filled with negative judgments.  Every sentence ended with ‘but’, even if it began with approval. It ended with doubt, or fear of its goodness, of its rightness.  Always everything quickly became wrong or bad.

This separated me from others. I was not fun to be around. I was the ‘wet blanket’, the killjoy, too serious, always finding something wrong or something bad with whatever we were discussing.  And, I felt so sad, and alone, but I didn’t understand why; didn’t realize it was because of my negative judgments about everything I heard, or saw.

It became impossible to feel anyone’s love, to feel any positive emotion at all, because I had lost my faith and my hope in Good….in God.  Why? Because I judged everything that occurred, Here, which is also God’s world (as above so below) as wrong or bad.  Why? Because I didn’t understand that Nothing Occurs here, in God’s World, without His Permission.  Nothing.

So, I went to God with my anger, with my fear, with my resentments about Him, and asked Him to prove to me why it was “good” to have wars, and “good” to allow all of the other apparent atrocities that I could think of at the time, with the cruelty to animals high on my list.

And, He gave me that proof.  He proved to me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, why war and cruelty to animals was good.  And not only good for me, but good for all.  They were teaching the lesson of Love.  Each “Victim” was sacrificing their life so that the “Persecutor” could learn to love, through hate.  And then He said, “There are no victims, only volunteers. And if there are no victims, there can be no persecutors.” He knew that my personal problem, at the time, was because I often felt like a Persecutor.  The impact, emotionally, was profound, because I recognize the Truth when I hear it, and I knew I was hearing the truth.

”And the Truth shall set you free”, made sense to me now.  I knew it was “True”. I, too, had experienced this feeling, and it DID set me free…..right then….instanteously.*

I’d hold onto this belief for a while, at first, just a short while, and then I’d fall back into believing I was crazy to think such and such was ‘good’, when obviously it was bad.  And I’d go through the process of spiraling down again into my deep dark hole, of separation from others, filled with fear and doubt, and pain, lots of pain.  Then, once again,   Someone, or Something, from The Other Side would speak to me, with love and non-judgment, giving me an explanation of whatever it was I was struggling with.  This explanation ALWAYS rang true.  The information was just plain ‘right’, and I knew it.

And from that point on, every time I found myself in that deep dark hole, if I didn’t or couldn’t realize it before I went ‘Over the edge into insanity, someone from the Other Side, for the Spirit World, would come and rescue me with a Truth, with whatever I needed to hear to begin my ascent up and out of my hole that I had dug myself from my negative judgments.

Eventually, I began to realize when I was in this hole, and learned that the way out was to Ask for Help from God and/or Spirit, or my Higher Self.  Each time I did, I’d get an answer, because, now, I went (to Them, collectively) knowing I was responsible for my emotional and mental state of mind.  I never went blaming someone or something else.   Help arrived when I had given up on myself, when I felt as if I would rather die than continue to live as I was – in so much pain and suffering.  But, I was also open to hearing the truth by this time. Until I was open to hearing the truth, and, therefore, ready, willing and able to stop judging it as wrong or bad, I would suffer.  It took me years to understand this Process of Life, and how to get God’s/Spirit’s/my Higher Self’s help when I needed it.
*Knowing is the only word that describes the feeling I’d get each time I’d hear the
message, psychically, or clairaudiently, from Spirit, God, or some Unknown Source from
The Heaven World.  And because I KNEW BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT that it
WAS true, my negative thinking, my negative feelings, which produced feelings of
helplessness and powerlessness, would dissolve. It was as if they had never existed, and
in retrospect, even seconds later, I could never understand how I had been so ‘wrong’
myself, in my judgment of the situation.  In an instant, I would be reborn – filled with
hope, filled with gratitude, and filled with love for God, and whoever it was He had sent
to rescue me from my self, from my negative judgments. Once I received “the truth”
about it, I knew I had lacked the knowledge to make an accurate assessment of the
situation, and I often felt ‘small’, guilty for having been so wrong.  I was still judging.
Even today, 40 or more years later, I still work at not judging, which is why I have titled
this article: Transition from Judging to Non-Judging, or from “It is O.K.” to “It is Perfect”.
But, my current faith and hope in God, and my current level of ability to see and live my life trusting in the Perfection of the Universe as it is, both in my personal life, with others, and in the World itself, began with God giving me the understanding I needed to believe in Him.  He proved to me that He does not make mistakes.  So, to return to my example about War, if God believes that War is Good, then this MUST BE good enough for me, too, if I am to align with Him, to join Him, to surrender my personal will, my personal beliefs based on what others (or Society) have told me is true, or false, then I must ‘trust’ and ‘have faith’ in All That Is.  I must believe that War is Perfect, because God is allowing it to happen, and He does not make mistakes.

This same concept applies to people, and how they act.  God made us, too.  All of us.  And He did not make a mistake when he created the Hitlers of this world.  He Knew what He was doing, and it was Perfect.  So, my responsibility, now that He has proven to me, again and again, and again, that what happens to me, in my life, is perfect, and also what happens to others is also perfect, is to join whatever is happening to me in my life.  I need to ‘trust that it is perfect’. I need to have faith that it is perfect for me, for all affected, and therefore for the Universe, itself.  And I must fake it until I make it, because I have made the conscious choice to align my personal will with God’s because He has proven to me that His way is always Right, always Good.  Aligning with His will, always brings me the inner peace I desire – within myself, with myself, with others, and with the Universe, or world, as it is today.  And there is NOTHING to compare to it.  It is the Perfect Feeling, the Perfect State of Mind: Perfection Manifesting In Me – In my Body, in my Mind, and in my Soul, which is in my Heart.  And I Am at Peace.  This is Enlightenment. Nirvana. Bliss. Ecstasy.  Perfection Manifesting In Me.


2 thoughts on “From Judgment to Non-Judgment: Transitioning From “It is O.K.” to “It is Perfect”

  1. Perfect description of being non judgemental in the moment, I am exactly the same. I really related to this and I was awakened to this one morning in a sense of knowing just like you described and reread the the Tao te ching and I now have a sense of peacefulness and connectedness with God. I have much to learn from you!

  2. Very insightful look into the aow you found the purpose of the your life ! I have been blessed to not have struggled with judgement of myself or others. As I wrote this I just realized that this great gift came to be because my father was a pioneer for the care of disabled adults and I grew up surrounded by incredible disabled people who are happy and NEVER say why me despite incredible handicaps, and I have witnessed so many beautiful uncomplicated and perfect relationship with God. My problems were silly in that perspective so it would be ludicrous to say why me when I was healthy and had so much. dad always said that”any one of them could be Jesus” a parahprase of `Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’

    The tao is able to sum it so perfectly for me:
    “Only when one distinguishes beauty
    does one create the unattractive.
    Only when one distinguishes good
    does one create evil.

    Also by distinction,
    Tangible and intangible create each other,
    Difficult and easy define each other,
    Long and short measure each other,
    High and low determine each other,
    Sound and silence echo each other,
    Beginning and end follow each other.

    Therefore, the sage goes about living in the
    oneness of
    all things,
    teaching without speaking,
    accepting and dismissing all things with
    creating without attachment,
    working without credit.
    Acts and deeds are completed and forgotten.

    Because the sage is at one with Infinity,
    she is immortal.”

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