Spiritual Astrologer

Disclaimer: Because I am only the vehicle for this, and all channeled readings, I can only be open to receive the information if and when Spirit gives it to me. Of myself I am nothing, and, can do nothing. It is always Spirit who determines if a reading happens or not.


With a spiritual, intuitive, astrological soul reading, the focus and content will be on deepening your understanding of the purpose of this incarnation, and the lessons you came here to learn. It may also include past lives with those in your immediate family, or about you, in a past life.

If I can do the interpretation, I channel your Spirit Guides and/or Higher Self, and share with you whatever they share with me, unedited, in as gentle, straight-forward, truthful, and accurate way as possible in a written report, which is emailed to you.

Sometimes, however, I also need to hear your voice in order to validate that what I am receiving intuitively from your birth chart is true.  If this occurs, I will email you, explaining this, and ask you to contact me by phone.  As soon as I hear your voice, I will know whether or not what I have intuited from your natal birth chart is accurate, which I will tell you when you call.

I need the birth date, time, and place for each person to be read. I give you the truth, as I receive it from them, unedited. Truth, when it is channeled this way, has a way of making you feel as if the “rug has been pulled out from underneath your feet”, for the first few minutes. Then you begin to adjust and feel better, as long as you can accept responsibility for what is being shared. It is always something you need to know to grow, or to better understand what is already occurring, and if not right away, in the end, you are always grateful for the insights.

More Information

As you may already know, everyone’s natal (birth) chart is a representation of the lessons you have come to Earth’s school to learn, this time here. Each life is in some way, a culmination of all of your previous ones, however, you may have chosen to focus on one particular aspect of life in this incarnation. This basically means that you chose your environment, your parents, and your blueprint before you came here. Your body is new but your soul is quite old. This lifetime is just one in succession of many that have gone before and the many that will follow.

The energy shown through the aspects in the birth chart, called squares, oppositions, or conjunctions, is neither constructive nor destructive. The energy itself is pure and at your disposal to use or abuse. It’s how you use this energy that makes it feel good or bad. Once we activate this energy we come up against the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, also known as the Law of Karma, and must abide by the results, meaning that we are never on the receiving end of something unless we have dished it out, either in this lifetime or in a past one.

We create our own chart. What follows is a thumb-nail sketch of how I believe that is done.

When we die, or pass over, one of the first things we must do is to enter the Hall of Learning, which would remind us of a movie theater, except that the walls are the screen, and the room is round. the screen sort of surrounds you. The `movie’ that you watch is your last life lived on earth, only this time you can see how the other person is feeling and what he/she is thinking as you converse with each other. It is this understanding of how we affect others, by our words and deeds that gives us our motivation to come back here, on earth, again, to work on our character weaknesses.

Because we choose our parents, before we incarnate there is an agreement made between the parents and the child about birth order and gender. It may or may not extend to the siblings. In other words, you may find yourself in a home with siblings that are quite different from you, because they also wanted to learn some important lesson from your parents; or you may feel as if most of your lessons are with these siblings – that you have been together before and have returned to the same family to continue to work out your differences. In this case, you will be together until this has occurred, by mutual agreement. Twins (or other multiple births) have definitely been together before and choose to come in together again.

What all this means is that you are aware of the “broad strokes” or major issues that you will be facing in your childhood, and throughout this entire life time.

After we have reviewed our past life, in the Hall of Learning, and spent as much time as we want to on the Other Side (in Heaven), we begin to yearn to return to the earth plane to get on with our soul growth. It is at this time that one of our spirit(ual) advisors joins us as we review our past life, so we can get some feedback from someone we trust about which issues we want to tackle in our next life. Together we decide and then go before our Council of Elders, the name I have chosen to describe our seven advisors. The advisors are wise elders within our group who are very knowledgeable in many aspects of life, such as Astronomy, whose job it is to advise all incarnating souls on the best way to accomplish their goals for this next incarnation. It is this Council that advises us as to which gender we should choose; which religion, culture, race, creed – all of the particulars that make each of us a unique human being. They, with our agreement, decide our birth date, time and place based on the lessons we have asked to learn. the birth date, place and time will give us the best and most opportunities to learn that which we have asked to learn. It is this piece of information that makes the natal chart so important, because it is our link to our past and to our spirit selves or our Soul.

With this background information, I hope it will help you to understand how and why the birth chart assists and supports your choices for this incarnation. The biggest problem is that most of us do not remember asking for these choices, so when life gets difficult, we think someone else may be to blame, but this is not so.

I have done the best I can to make this an accurate interpretation, based on what I have intuitively received from your Spirit Guide or Higher Self/Soul, but I will be the first to acknowledge that I can make mistakes. It is also important that you question everything that is said. This is a healthy response to someone’s else’s opinion. The best way to read this chart is to follow this rule: If something written here does not “ring true” (ask yourself the question: ‘Does this feel true? Or ‘Is this true?’ If it is, you will know it.) then reject it. Just take what does ring true, and leave the rest. This information is being given to you at your Soul’s/Higher Self’s request and it is intended for your highest good.