Spiritual Medium

If you are contacting me because you want to receive guidance from someone you love and trust who has passed over, then I will try to contact them for you. I will need the date and place of their death, as well as their name. Then I will wait to see if I can make contact. Sometimes, if they are newly deceased, they have not yet oriented to their new world and someone else will report about them, such as happens in the ICU of the hospital. If this happens, you can try again in about one year. There are many unknowns with this type of contact. It is always easier if I have some object that was theirs to hold while I try to make contact, but not required to do the reading. Much depends on their beliefs about death, life after death, and sometimes how, where, and why they died. However, if it is they who wish to contact you, then they come in loud and clear! The information you receive ( or don’t) is always something you need to know to grow, or to better understand what is already occurring, and you are always grateful for the insights.

Each session is one hour and can be done in several different ways, depending on what is best for you.

I can: Set up a telephone session
Set up a Skype Session
E-mail you and write out what I receive