How to Access a Solution to a Problem; Even If Your Ego Tells You There Is None

It’s the scariest thing in the world to be in fear and trying to understand why you’re feeling it.

You want to run from it so badly.

Why is it so scary to be in the fear while trying to understand it?

The feeling (fear) passes as soon as you confront it by asking why you are feeling it.  BUT, it feels as though you are going to annihilate instead.  This is the ‘Gate of Hell that must be passed through in order to achieve your goal

It is one of the most difficult tasks you have to accomplish, and yet, it gives you the reward of self achievement that will last a lifetime, that no man can ever take away. It is a feeling so special that it is indescribable; one that is cherished because it was earned.

To access the solution to the problem, from your unconscious mind, where it resides, you must be ‘experiencing’ or feeling  the fear of not finding the solution and stay in the fear.

You can’t self-medicate now . It will work, and the fear will temporarily go back into your subconscious mind where it lays dormant until it is triggered again..and again..and again…until you can finally confront it, by being able to handle the emotional pain that always accompanies this Process of Seeking the Truth about the situation.

However, it is the only way to achieve this goal, which is why it is so difficult, and to be lauded when accomplished.

It requires being able to have the strength and courage to stay in the fear to understand that your fear was a “paper tiger”, never real, never the Truth, always just a Fear, generated by your ego’s false belief..

You KNOW you have found the solution when you feel peaceful inside.  It is an unmistakable feeling.

I’d be glad to guide you through this process by asking the questions, while you supply the answers. Your Spirit Guide and/or Higher Self will accompany us, guiding my questions, offering any support and assistance your karma allows.


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