The Process of Transmutation of Negative Qualities

Channeled When I was Experiencing a Lot of Emotional Pain

As always, it came ‘out-of-nowhere’, and, again, as always, it gave me immediate relief and restored my peace.  Thank You, Spirit…Again…

Spirit said to me: “I can feel your pain…but, my dear, to heal it you must figure out what your 50% is..if you can.  If you are not told, then it is karmic, and you need to ask God to give you the strength and courage to face the consequences of your actions and for help to overcome the hurt and resentment in your heart, if there is any, for both yourself and for anyone else you may be blaming…unconsciously…..

Ask God, also, to help you learn the soul lesson that is hidden within this experience.  There can be more than one…

Next ask for the help to ACT AS IF you had already succeeded in overcoming this problem, even while you are still in the midst of it…

Get quiet and listen for His guidance…And it is GUIDANCE that He will offer…

Accept full responsibility for what you have done that does not measure up to your highest concept of what you know to be right with this situation.

Listen to your Conscience, for it can always be depended upon to be truthful.  Make no excuses for yourself. Face the issues squarely within yourself; do not run away from it.  As you see them, or become aware of your 50%, write them down…Don’t trust them to memory!  Then, take them to God.

Repeat them to Him, expressing your responsibility for each one;  then, humbly ask for forgiveness.

Now forgive yourself….This is done because ‘if you are good enough for God to forgive then you are good enough to forgive yourself.  (It is your ego that wants to say you do not deserve it can remain in power over you…and not surrender its power to God.  The ego says you are a loser..and therefore don’t deserve forgiveness…but this is how your ego holds you hostage, and assures that you will not heal…will repeat the same mistake again..and again..etc…so this as important as every other step.  It may be why you are having so much difficulty with your money lesson..)

*Breathe in His understanding.  Breathe in His forgiving Love.  Identify yourself with it and try to become a conscious part of it. Stay here, breathing in God’s energy, and breathing out your fear, guilt, doubt, shame, until you can ‘feel’ it, can identify with it, until you Know it is true…it is real…Don’t move on to the next step until you can identify with this one.

Now you’re ready to breathe out His Understanding and His forgiveness to those you feel have hurt you or used you. Surrender yourself, your will and the problem and humbly ask that His will be done, in and through you, and for all concerned.  It is through the surrender of your personal will (ego) that you clear the way for God to do His healing work and to bring forth the solution to the problem.

You have surrendered your ego to God’s will. Congrats!

Ask and give thanks that His love and blessing is now being poured out upon those who have similar problems.

To close, give thanks to Him for His help; for the strength and courage that has enabled you to face yourself, free from the pain of hurt, resentment or bitterness.  With this joy and thanksgiving in your heart, wait patiently for His solution to come to you.  You will no longer be concerned with the outer solution to the problem for His peace will fill your heart.

*Repeat this exercise, up to this stage, as often as you need to until you can do it successfully. Try it once or twice or even three times in succession. If you still can’t do it, then walk away for a few minutes. Think of something else completely.  Erase the exercise from your mind. Focus on anything that will hold your concentration for at least 2 minutes.  Then, try again.  If you feel an energetic barrier, stop, and wait for the barrier to be dissolved.  It telling you that you have not waited enough time, between tries.  Once this barrier has dissolved, it is the Universe telling you that you can try again.   Once you have successfully done these steps, you can move on and continue to the next step.

I know this may seem like climbing Mount Everest in a pair of sneakers, but this is The Process of Transmutation of Negative Qualities, which you (like the rest of us) have unwittingly built into our personalities.  It is by God’s power that these negative qualities are transmuted. “


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