The Five Universal Laws That Govern Us

In AD 553 the Church Council of Constantinople decreed that anyone who supported the `mythical’ doctrine of pre-existence of the soul and believed in the soul’s return to earth after death (reincarnation) should henceforth be anathema (meaning damned. It is a formal condemnation or curse excommunicating someone from the Church). Thus, again by majority vote, the church leaders suppressed a truth of the Ancient Wisdom implicit in the teachings of Jesus and taught in the mystery schools throughout the ancient world. Based on this information, the following indications of the five immutable (unchangeable) laws and their out-working is shared in the hope it will begin to answer some of your questions about life and death, to which we are all accountable:

1. Reincarnation, the Law of Rebirth:  In short, life in the physical body is like a year at school. We come back to the earth with certain lessons to learn, certain gifts to develop, and at the end of the school year we go home again, or withdraw to an inner, or more subtle, state of being in what may be called a `land of light’, for a period of rest and refreshment. During this time, the soul can review what was gained or lost in the life now finished. When it has had a period of rest and refreshment and feels the urge to gain more wisdom, it is shown the next set of lessons to be learned, and drawn into incarnation at the appropriate time and place. This process of work and refreshment continues until the whole earth curriculum is completed. Continue reading

Transformation From Suffering

Covid19 is causing many people to suffer..some are dying….others are getting very sick..There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who suffers and who skates by unscathed…And yet, the Soul knows…It is your Soul that makes sure you are in the right place at the right time to catch this virus….There is no other reason…I found this excerpt from  Dr. Jean Bolen, about the Transformation of Suffering, and felt it explained why all of us are suffering, in lesser or greater degrees, from this virus, although she is speaking here to those who are dying from a terminal illness..Still, what she says here about Suffering applies to what we are all experiencing from Covid19, and I hope reading this will help you to accept that even Pain and Suffering is for our Highest Good…The personality definitely disagrees…it hates to suffer…but the Soul is willing to do whatever it takes, to put the personality into whatever painful situations are necessary for ITS growth…and Covid19 fits this description…

Astrologically speaking, Covid19 is related to the planet Pluto, known as the Transformer, in astrology.  And he was prominent in the sky last January, when Covid became such a strong global force.  If Pluto, in Capricorn, touched an aspect in your birth chart, then you have been experiencing a Pluto Transit, and will be feeling Pluto and his transformative qualities, personally.

As with everything written on this website, always take what rings true, in your gut, or solar plexus, and leave the rest….Adapt this article by Jean Bolen to your experience with Covid19…I hope it brings you some self-understanding, and inner peace.

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Four Stages of Fear = Four Stages of Faith

Four Stages of Fear = Four Stages of Faith

Four Stages of Fear could also be Four Stages of Faith: As Faith grows, Fear recedes. Faith is confidence in God’s Power, Wisdom and Love.
1. The fear overwhelms me and so it has the power to control ALL of my choices. And God’s voice is either not heard at all, or not followed . – brushed aside as inconsequential, inaccurate, ineffective, or useless.
2. The fear is felt, but no longer has the power to control ALL of my choices. Now God’s voice is heard, and when followed, the fear controls me less, and is less intense, is a less powerful force within me…My inner voice is a more powerful voice within me.
3. The fear is embraced and no longer controls my choices. Only God does, which is or can be heard through my inner voice. Unless God says do it, I don’t; and the fear is a minimal force – on its last legs.
4. The fear is not even recognized; it has no power at all; and is therefore non-existent. God is the sole power.

Each of us is at varying stages with fear, in different areas of our lives. In some God has more control; in others, evil or fear does.

Solution: The act of Thankfulness, of never seeing anything in life as too drastic to endure, or too difficult to attempt, of accepting all life’s experiences, and above all, accepting all of the challenges of life itself..should invoke an outpouring of thankfulness. As soon as the heart grows thankful to God for all experiences, good or ill, no matter what they are, that soul becomes illumined. White Eagle