How Much Do I Charge For My Services?

HOW MUCH DO I CHARGE?  Nothing. Money used to be my God, so my spirit guides told me to stop charging for my services; now my ego cannot compromise my channeling. This is what is best for me, now you need to decide what is best for you. I suggest that you check in with your own Self, and see if it feels right to pay me or not; and then do it.

This is a great opportunity for most people to learn how to listen to their own inner guidance, or inner voice, and to follow its advice.

Your inner voice/voice of conscience is actually a feeling sensation in your solar plexus or heart center.  You will "know" what is right when you feel right/good about your choice, regardless of what that is. You need to check out all of your options to give yourself some practice in recognizing your inner voice’s sensation in your solar plexus or heart center.  It requires practice, so be patient with yourself as you learn this new skill.

This is the technique I use to make all of my decisions/choices:   Continue reading

How and Why My Psychic Abilities Developed

I was born with the gift, but I still had to learn how to use it appropriately, and I had to understand what it was.  As a young person, in fact, until the age of 32, I didn’t even know I was psychic; I was taught that it was a mental illness, and to control it, or better still, stop doing it, but I couldn’t. It was a part of me, a part I believed over which I had no control, because I never knew when I was going to blurt out something about another person.  And I was always so surprised when they would ask me how I knew, because I always believed I’d been told, but, of course, I hadn’t.  Then, I’d feel guilty for knowing this secret information, and yet, I’d not done anything ‘wrong’.  To move beyond it, I lied, saying whatever I felt would get me the acceptance I sought, and I’d always vow to not do it again, but, of course, I had no control over it, so it would happen whenever it wanted to, much to my embarrassment. Continue reading

What IS A Spiritual Teacher

What IS a Spiritual Teacher?  I didn’t know when I was told to call myself one, now many years ago.  I had just earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, and was assuming I was to be ‘hanging out my shingle’ as a counselor/therapist just like everyone else who had gone before me, when I received a message from my Spirit Guide that said, “Call yourself a spiritual teacher”.  I was dumbfounded.  “What?” I asked again, not sure I’d heard this channeled request accurately, and the Voice of my Spirit Guide said it again: “Call yourself a spiritual teacher”. Continue reading