Spiritual Past-Life Reader

If you want a spiritual past life reading, then I will either need your birth data (date, time and place), or permission to access your unconscious mind to make the connection because all past life information is stored here.  If your Higher Self wants you to have this information, even though you have not been able to access it yourself,  Spirit will present a past life that is relevant to this one, one that has affected this life in some major way. If we are talking to each other by telephone, then after the reading, you will have the time to ask questions about it, to clarify anything that may have been confusing, or scary. I allow one hour for each session, but if something frightening comes up, then I, with the help of your spirit guides, will work with you until you feel at peace again, with and, within yourself.  The information you receive is always something you need to know to grow, or to better understand what is already occurring, and you are always grateful for the insights, however your ego, or personality may not be very upset with the truths that are revealed. This is because the ego stores all  information that it has judged too threatening to own (those actions or words that have caused extreme fear, doubt, guilt and/or shame) in our unconscious minds.  If it helps, these are false beliefs, based on Societal laws.  The Universe/God NEVER judges us, and your Soul/Higher Self knows this, so it is always the Soul/Higher Self that i seeking for your personality to know your past lives..so you can heal, so they can no longer hold you hostage.  But, until you are ready, willing and able to hear the truth about your past self’s choices, always made with the knowledge you possessed at the time, albeit less than you have now, it is best to forego a past-life reading.