Transforming Our Natal Squares Into Sextiles And Finally Into Trines (based on my current understanding)

The square aspect represents the areas in my past life (lives) where my ego was in control, indicating that the negative qualities of the planets involved in the square aspect manifested in my life, when I was born..and will continue to manifest until or unless I choose to consciously change them from doing what is commonly referred to as ‘inner work’.I believe that as I become aware of this truth, and I consciously work to correct them, the positive qualities of the planets involved will begin to manifest in my life.

The process of transforming my character defects, or character weaknesses, as described astrologically by my natal planetary squares, will be seen in the description of these same planets in the sextile aspect, and then, as I master these character traits, they will manifest in the trine aspect.

With this in mind, I have listed each planetary combination first as the square, then as the sextile, and finally as the trine, so that you can see the progression and reward of doing your inner work.   The Square, Sextile and Trine Planetary Aspects

Squares:  Represent inner conflicts between our minds/heads/egos and our hearts/intuition/feelings.  Crosses are the lessons we have failed to learn in other lives.  Squares force us to face our issues and in the process we grow.  The quickest way to release ourselves from difficulties is to face them and solve them.  Every time we run out on trouble, it awaits us around the corner through another instrument or another set of circumstances.  As the energy is already formed (in a past life), it must first be broken down before it can be raised to a higher level of manifestation (to the sextile) for use in our character growth.  On the Personality level, where the ego is in control or dominant, this means the Unlearning of (Societal) rules or beliefs that are often recognized, or understood as, detrimental habits and life patterns.

Sextiles:  represent Opportunities to be productive and creative, because the two planets involved work harmoniously together.  A birth chart with many sextiles indicates a life replete with opportunities.  However, the sextiles must be activated or they will not operate.

Trines:  are the harmonies we have earned from past lives; the blessings that come when we love and love wisely, when we are non-judgmental, living by the Laws of the Universe, rather than man’s or societal laws, and when we apply what we receive from our inner voices, our voice of con science and/or from God/our Higher Selves/The Universe/All That Is, etc.  Benefits without effort..Good we have given out returning to us..or Dharma.

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