HOW MUCH DO I CHARGE? Nothing. Money used to be my God, so my spirit guides told me to stop charging for my services; now my ego can not compromise my channeling. This is what is best for me, now you need to decide what is best for you. I suggest that you check in with your own Self, and see what feels right to do; and then do it. This is a great opportunity for most people to learn how to listen to their own inner guidance, or inner voice, and to follow its advice. It is actually a feeling sensation in your solar plexus or heart center. You will “know” what is right when you feel right/good about your choice, regardless of what that is. You need to check out all of your options to give yourself some practice in recognizing your inner voice’s sensation in your solar plexus or heart center.

If, for example, it feels right/good to not pay me, then this is the right choice for you. If you do not feel good when you consider this choice, then start thinking of an amount to pay me. Begin LOW so you can experience the changes in your solar plexus, so you can get some practice in recognizing your inner voice’s feeling; then keep increasing the amount until your solar plexus tells you, with a feeling sensation: “This is the right amount”. Act on it, and you will feel “good” all over. It is really quite a lot of fun to learn how to do this, and I make all of my decisions this way.

If you get no feeling in your solar plexus, then it means to “Wait”, and take no action until your solar plexus can give you a definite “yes” or “no”.

Have fun with this! And if you need some coaching, just let me know.

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Thank you, in advance.

Namaste, Rosemary