Conflictual Astrological Aspects Between Parent and Child


This article began when I met two Crystal Children who were unsure of whether or not they wanted me to share their personal information, with their mother, when it was “their” turn to give their mom their personal information, using me as their channel.

They were able to easily telepathically dialogue with me, which is both wonderful and interesting at the same time, as they are physically only 1 and 2 years old, in this incarnation. But, secondly, the first was very concerned about MY motives for wanting to share her personal information with her mother. She was concerned that I might be doing it for personal gain myself, for personal recognition. And I honored that, agreeing with her that certainly was an issue with me, and promised I would not do so without her undeniable permission. In other words, until I KNEW for sure that she was giving me permission, I would not share anything with anyone, for that matter, that this was her life and that she had the right to keep it a secret.

She deliberated for a few minutes, meaning that I could feel her presence, but was hearing nothing in words coming from her, so I waited with her, as patiently as I could, not a strong suit of mine.

Eventually, she began directing me to her natal chart, asking me to read the description of the aspects I was seeing astrologically. This told me she had decided to trust me, an honor, I knew. And when I began looking at who she had been, where she had come from, and what she was here to do, I instantly understood why she had been so reticent about just sharing her self with her mom. I agreed with her that I did not know her mom and could not ensure that her mom would be happy, or receptive, to what would be shared. I began to come face to face, once again, with an aspect in my own chart that I like to forget: I am naïve. When I offered to do full chart interpretation for parents so they could get to know their children, I never thought about those that might be coming in to work out conflicted past-life relationships with them, or that the moms (or dads) might not be ready, willing or able to hear the truth, which is all I know how to share!

So, this child, physically only, was making me aware of all of this, by showing me her chart, and the conflicted aspect in it with her mom. God Bless Her! She was right on! I needed to see this, needed to address this in my self, and with all of the parents who have requested a full interpretation. The souls of these children know that I will not divulge their information without their express consent, but I had chosen to deny this, so I would not have to confront it with the parents. Thanks to these two children, I will, because I know they are right: it must be confronted, and then it can be healed. And So Mote It Be.

What I am also learning is that just because a child is born a Crystal because of his/her birth date, since 1995, not all of them are capable of being all-loving, kind, and forgiving: some are late Indigos. They all have “Some” of the Crystal Children traits, but, for example, not the fun, exciting ones that make them “Dalai Lama” types, with character traits such as, “Are forgiving of others”, Are even-tempered, sweet and loving, Are highly affectionate, Exhibit healing abilities, Often discuss angels, spirit guides and past-life memories

These children all seem to possess some of Doreen Virtue’s character traits, but not all of them, and I think it is easy for us as parents to want to believe that “our” child is going to be another Dalai Lama. And some of these children will be. There’s no doubt about it. But, I’m addressing those parents who are attracting what I call “normal and ordinary” children, born after 1995. The meaning of these terms is changing, as our times change, however. And from what I’ve seen doing this research project, most crystal children by birth are telepathic, at least more so than the majority of us are in my generation. There is a range of psychic indicators found in their charts that can be used as a yardstick. The lowest number of psychic indicators found is 3, and the highest is 15. the Dalai Lama had 13; Rama Krishna had 15, as did Rama Maharishi. Kahil Gibran had 11; Edgar Cayce had 10; Pat Rodegast (Emmanuel books) had 15; JZ Knight (Ramtha books) had 14.

Then, there’s a large number of them who have been born with telepathic, or psychic, ability, but have misused it in a past life by using it for personal gain (either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) or personal recognition, and therefore should not use it in this one, unless there are other factors in their natal charts that state otherwise. This is because, if they do try to use it, they will “come up against a sharp instrument”, that is energetic but still much more powerful than they are. A Universal Law has been broken and now the Universe will control their use of their psychic talents, and ensure that they do not misuse them again in this life time. This does not prevent them for using them to help themselves grow, to stay connected to their spirit guides, angels, or Higher Power; it only prevents them from using it ,with or on others, selfishly.

Their challenges in this life time are from being selfish, or self-centered, in their past life. They had a great deal of freedom, and misused it, or abused it, with sex, alcohol and/or drugs. Many developed their psychic gifts, spiritually illegally: they forced their psychic centers open with psychedelic drugs, or alcohol, and while the Universe gives us our free will to do this, if we choose, it also metes out our karma in our next life, and says, “No, you may not do that again”. Now, we, the Angels of Karma, will oversee your psychic use and development. So, first we get to make our own choices; then if we make mistakes by breaking an universal law, then we lose our free will choice in that area, until we have righted the wrong, in God’s way and in God’s time.

Now, this has always been the case, as long as there has been an Earth to inhabit. But, we are just now beginning to understand these Universal Laws. The ones these children broke is called the Law of Equilibrium. The Law they are under now, is both The Law of Karma.

Unlike those of us who went before them, and also misused these substances, however, the Crystal Children Generation learned their lesson the first time, so to speak, or else, they had had many past lives of sex/alcohol/drug abuse and this last past-life was their last. For whatever reason, they are here, now, to make amends to Society. They are ready, willing and able to “atone for their karma” and want to help others in some relevant way. Many of them will work in the area of addictions and recovery from them, because of their own personal experience with, and recovery from them. Others will work in the schools where “addictions” will be a required course in junior high school, or middle school. I trust that the religious/state/educational battle of can we or can we not discuss sexuality in the public schools will be resolved by this generation, as well, as these children will insist on sexual education to protect their own children from falling into the same ego traps they fell into themselves in their past lives. So, I believe there will be a form of sexual reform coming, although without the harsh judgments put on it by the Churches of today. The best is yet to come: And that is much less judgment of others and our selves. By 2015, everyone will know that we are all doing the best we can; that no one is a bad person, each is struggling with his/her own ego/mind which advocates avoiding pain at all costs, even if it means becoming dependent on a person or a substance that will eventually kill you (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).

Learning to see that the ego/mind is the source of all of our pain and suffering is the cutting edge philosophy of today, and will be well-known, and so well absorbed into our psyches, that we will take it for granted in the next generation. Pain and suffering serve a purpose: it is the only way the ego/mind surrenders, lets go. It must be forced. It loves the power of being God to you, and fights to keep its power at all costs to the soul. When you develop your intuition, and gain the strength and courage (from developing faith in a Higher Power, and all of the other invisible helpers we have available 24-7) to follow it, the ego begins to lose its power over you, and you begin to experience inner peace. Once this happens, you stop hurting other people; you can begin to live by the AA motto: Live and let Live.

All of this takes both time and effort on the parts of every one of us who is incarnated here on earth at this time; but most of us, certainly those of us who are connected to Crystal Children, are already well into the program, ready, willing and able to confront our ego/minds, our little selves, our shadows, and are thus on the spiritual path towards enlightenment, or inner peace and love. Once we can live it within ourselves, and with our Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Power, we will be able to live in harmony with other people, and the wars will stop. All wars, and every other atrocity we see and read about in the news, are a result of the ego/mind being in power over the soul. But, more and more of us are realizing it, and are, therefore, regaining control of our ego/minds, dis-identifying from them, as Eckhart Tolle calls it in his books about The Practice of Now. Gerald Jampolsky understood it, and wrote about it in his book, Good-bye to Guilt. He had the easiest description of the ego/mind I had ever seen. Many metaphysical writers and spiritual astrologers have also written about it. The word is out there. If you are seeking, it you will find it.

-Namaste, Rosemary