Excerpt From An Interpretation of a Crystal Child’s Soul

The following is an (channeled) excerpt from an advanced (CC) soul’s chart interpretation, whose personality age is about 18 months:

“One of the interesting things about being born now is that many of us have more experience with spiritual or “New Age” concepts than our parents because we are the first generation to have consciously begun developing them as a “large group”. Many of us lived in the 1960’s, which is when we began our spiritual education, and wanted to return immediately to continue it, because the world is now ready to support this, and we wanted the spiritual growth only available on the Earth. So we didn’t stay any longer in this “heaven World” than we had to. We had to face our past life faults and successes, called Judgment Day on earth, but once rested, and fully healed from our past life experiences, we were free to choose to return or not. Many of us chose to return. I was one of them.

That which we have in common is that we will not complain about our pain or suffering; we will all take responsibility for our lives; we know we are not victims, and we welcome the opportunity to grow, even if it hurts. We still have a lot to learn, but we look forward to the rewards we know we can reap when we confront our issues and work through them. We see, or are shown, our own limitations, how far we have gone in our lessons of such areas as patience, honesty, love, power, and how much our egos still control our choices; meaning where we still feel fear, doubt, guilt or shame when a situation arises. But, we WANT the confrontation, we want to master our egos; we want faith in a Higher Power to dominate our lives, so that the ego is only a memory. This is our purpose for re-incarnating so quickly, now, because, astrologically, the planets’ positions in the sky can support our spiritual growth, and that of Society, and we wanted to be a part of this New Age that is dawning; we wanted to be the ones who “brought it to fruition”; it is the beginning of the second Golden Age on Earth, and we wanted to experience it first-hand.”
Note: It feels important to explain how this Channeling process works, as best as I can. The Soul or Spirit is using me as a medium to communicate with the person here because you cannot communicate with him directly yourself. However, this dis-carnate being..the soul, spirit guide, Higher Self of the personality, who is in a physical body, conveys ideas to me, which I must put into my own words, so the words used here are mine. These are his/her ideas, put into my words. Often, he/she (or his/her Spirit Guides) must wait for me to have an experience with the lesson he/she wants to share with you, the parent. After I’ve had it, he/she then tells me, ‘ This is what I want you to tell my parent’. I then must put my experience into words that best describe it. My most recent experience was for a Crystal Child’s soul who was trying to get me to understand that his biggest lesson for this incarnation was to learn humility, but I wasn’t able to understand this concept psychically, so he waited for me to “see” a program on television about it. And then, he told me, “This is what I want you to share with my mother.”

-Namaste, Rosemary