April, 2023                


This new picture is too large; the font size of this message is too small!   Is it a Mistake?  No! It’s “me” evolving.  LOL!

No matter how much it hurts,

No matter the outcome,

There are No Mistakes!!!!

Just Lessons Being Learned.


The Four Stages of Fear = The Four Stages of Faith

Four Stages of Fear could also be Four Stages of Faith: As Faith grows, Fear recedes.  Faith is confidence in God’s Power, Wisdom and Love.

  1. The fear overwhelms me and so it has the power to control ALL of my choices.  And God’s voice is either not heard at all, or not followed . – brushed aside as inconsequential, inaccurate, ineffective, or useless.
  2. The fear is felt, but no longer has the power to control ALL of my choices.  Now God’s voice is heard, and when followed, the fear controls me less, and is less intense, is a less powerful force within me…My inner voice is a more powerful voice within me.
  3. The fear is embraced and no longer controls my choices. Only God does, which is or can be heard through my inner voice.  Unless God says do it, I don’t; and the fear is a minimal force – on its last legs.
  4. The fear is not even recognized; it has no power at all; and is therefore non-existent.  God is the sole power.

Each of us is at varying stages with fear, in different areas of our lives. In some God has more control; in others, fear/evil does.

Solution:  The act of Thankfulness, of never seeing anything in life as too drastic to endure, or too difficult to attempt, of accepting all life’s experiences, and above all, accepting all of the challenges of life itself..should invoke an outpouring of thankfulness.  As soon as the heart grows thankful to God for all experiences, good or ill, no matter what they are, that soul becomes illumined.     White Eagle