Description of Services

My gift is that I can channel Spiritual Teachers from The Other Side. They work with me, to help those who want to understand and do something about their lives. I don’t have the ability to do this by myself; and neither do they. We need each other. I need their wisdom, and they need my channeling abilities. My 50% is to put my personality, my judgments, my opinions aside and share with you whatever is shared with me, without editing it.

The messages vary only in their focus and content. It is the focus that determines which psychic talent they use to transmit the information to you. Often what you receive, they have been trying to transmit to you, themselves, but have not been able to do so, so they are now seeking a third person who has the ability to hear, see, or sense their presence and has the ability to transmit their message to you.

Description of my Soul Readings: It is a channeled report, from your Spirit guide, or Soul, or Higher Self. I’m never sure ‘who’ it is, but they are from the Heaven World, and are connected to you, as mentors, or guides…and love to take advantage of opportunities such as this, to share with you info they have been trying to communicate directly, but, usually, without much success, so they seek out someone like me, and then they ‘nag’ you, and hope for the best.  They can’t ‘force’ either of us to say yes, due to the Universal law of Free Will…

Because I work for the Soul or Higher Self, and not the personality, often what I share can be overwhelming to the ego, which judges anything, that might usurp its power over you, as wrong or bad. But exactly the opposite is true. Each time you can learn a truth about yourself, it gives you inner peace.

If you are sent to me, it means that your Spirit guides, or Higher Self, has already decided that we can work harmoniously together, that this will be a mutually satisfying and rewarding relationship: both of us will gain from it. Your ego, however, will be threatened because it loses power and control over your choices, and it hates to lose power and control. This makes this work very painful, at times, until you have a chat with your ego and let it know that you are now choosing to follow your Higher Self’s and/or Spiritual guides, and/or a Higher Power’s suggestions and recommendations rather than your ego/mind. Eventually, if you really mean it, your ego will accept a back-seat position, and you can begin to make some real progress working with me.

God, my spirit guides and my Higher Self have tried to guide all of my decisions for the past 60 years, and never, ever have they made a mistake. Never have I been sorry I followed their guidance. To the contrary, I suffer greatly every time I do not follow it, meaning every time I react or make a decision out of fear, guilt, shame or doubt. This happens when my ego/mind is in control and I cannot hear their advice, feel cut off from them, separated, isolated and believe I am alone. This is my false self (ego/mind) believing it knows what is best for me, and wanting me to follow its advice. It always leads me into pain and suffering. Always.

Once I realize this, (through the pain I am feeling at the time) and surrender my will, life improves immediately, and I feel better, much better. It is at these times I feel so grateful for who I am, for having done the work necessary to trust my psychic and intuitive sense, so that I can act on them with faith, at least 90% of the time. But it took a lot of time and energy on my part. It did not magically happen.

It is also available to you, if you are ready, willing and able to put in the time and the effort as I did.