The Purpose of Pain and Suffering

White Eagle was my spiritual teacher for more than 40 years, and during that time I learned to trust and respect his teachings.  At that time I was often plagued by the pain and suffering of others, because I believed they were victims, and did not understand why God/The Universe/the Creator was allowing it, so I searched…and searched for answers that resonated within me, that made ‘sense’ to my rational mind, that ‘let it be O.K. even though it hurt so badly… White Eagle’s answers gave me the peace I was seeking, so I compiled these comments from his books, which were channeled by British Medium, Grace Cooke. White Eagle books are available through The White Eagle Lodge and on  As always, please take what rings true, in your heart or solar plexus, and leave the rest. I hope it helps you during this very difficult time.


“Whenever difficulty crosses your path, try to look within.  Examine the self, and you will find the reason.  The greater your knowledge, the sooner the Law of Cause and Effect takes place.  Does your brother man offend, hurt, ill-treat you?  Look within, and you will see why; and if the mirror within be clean, you will suffer no hurt, for then you will have found freedom from suffering and no man will have power to hurt you. No man is wrong, save only thyself! These things we say come from the heart of love, the heart, which longs to give, beloved, both joy and freedom.” Continue reading

How to Help Yourself Through a Difficult Situation


Mentally and emotionally detach yourself from the person and/or situation and all of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Separating yourself mentally from the problem and un-emotionally viewing it (sometimes called witnessing) lifts the whole situation from the personal to the impersonal plane of consciousness.

Do Not allow yourself to dwell on the unhappy details.

Do Not get other people’s ideas on how to solve your problem, except those of a professional therapist or spiritual teacher.

Analyze the difficulty to be solved, by seeking to find out just what you said or did that caused or created the problem.  The answer always lies within your own mind and heart.  Make no excuses for yourself. Do Not blame, criticize or pass judgment upon others for what they may have done. (They did the best they could with the knowledge they possessed, as did you.)

Face the issue squarely within yourself.  Do Not run away from it.  You only postpone the reckoning and very often the subsequent problem is more difficult than the one you have tried to escape.

Accept full responsibility for whatever you may have done that does not measure up to your highest concept of what you know to be right.

Listen to/for the voice of conscience (your inner voice) for it can always be depended upon to be truthful.

Discipline yourself by the control of your own willpower, by replacing every negative thought and feeling with a constructive one.

If you feel that you have broken a Universal Law, or a Societal one, take it to your Higher Power/Higher Self/the Universe/God, and humbly ask for forgiveness.  Then forgive yourself.

If others have wronged or injured you, ask that they too, may be forgiven because, they, like you, did the best they could with the knowledge they possessed, no matter how devious, malicious, or hateful it was.

Ask Any Invisible, Never-Before Human Source (God, The Universe or Cosmos, Angels, your Higher Self, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, etc.) that you trust, and believe, has the Ability to grant your wish:

  • To give you the strength and courage to face the consequences of your actions, and for help to overcome the hurt and resentment in your heart.
  • To help you learn the (karmic) soul lesson intrinsic within the situation.
  • To help you act as if you had already succeeded in overcoming the difficulty, even while you are still in the midst of it.

Get quiet and listen for the Divine guidance.  Surrender yourself, your will and the problem and humbly ask that His will be done, in and, through you, and for all concerned.  It is through the surrender of your personal will that you clear the way for the Universe to do Its healing work and to bring forth a solution to your problem.

Give thanks to all who have assisted you for this process, for your freedom from all negative thoughts and emotions; for the strength and courage that has enabled you to face yourself, free from the pain of hurt, resentment or bitterness.

If you have not already received a solution to the problem, then wait patiently with joy and thanksgiving in your heart, letting go of the outer solution to the problem. You have surrendered It to the Universe, and now the Universe will take care of Its own time and in Its own way.

As time passes, a mystic veil will cover the incident, and you will forget the ugly details connected with the experience.  There will be no haunting memories to disturb you because the Miracle of Transmutation has taken place within you.  It will be a closed chapter in your Book of Life. This Miracle of Transmutation has come to you through the forgiving, healing Love of The Christ Within…also called Divine or Universal Love.

So Mote It Be (And It is Done)

Transformation From Suffering

Covid19 is causing many people to suffer..some are dying….others are getting very sick..There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who suffers and who skates by unscathed…And yet, the Soul knows…It is your Soul that makes sure you are in the right place at the right time to catch this virus….There is no other reason…I found this excerpt from  Dr. Jean Bolen, about the Transformation of Suffering, and felt it explained why all of us are suffering, in lesser or greater degrees, from this virus, although she is speaking here to those who are dying from a terminal illness..Still, what she says here about Suffering applies to what we are all experiencing from Covid19, and I hope reading this will help you to accept that even Pain and Suffering is for our Highest Good…The personality definitely disagrees…it hates to suffer…but the Soul is willing to do whatever it takes, to put the personality into whatever painful situations are necessary for ITS growth…and Covid19 fits this description…

Astrologically speaking, Covid19 is related to the planet Pluto, known as the Transformer, in astrology.  And he was prominent in the sky last January, when Covid became such a strong global force.  If Pluto, in Capricorn, touched an aspect in your birth chart, then you have been experiencing a Pluto Transit, and will be feeling Pluto and his transformative qualities, personally.

As with everything written on this website, always take what rings true, in your gut, or solar plexus, and leave the rest….Adapt this article by Jean Bolen to your experience with Covid19…I hope it brings you some self-understanding, and inner peace.

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How Do You Know Whether You’re Having a Panic Attack or a Medical Problem?

When something is amiss, or out-of-balance with your body, you will feel No Anxiety!

Your mind will be calm….!  This is because you ego will be dormant.  The ego backs down in the face of the Truth and Pain…

Fainting is often the real medical issue that most closely resembles a Panic Attack…

To determine whether or not you are ‘about to faint’ or are having a panic attack….begin by making sure your environment is safe..i.e. the stove is turned off…then get yourself into a sitting or lying position so you won’t fall and accidentally hurt yourself…

Take deep slow breaths…..focusing on them…counting them if this helps….

And just lie or sit still, as you breathe….Now you are in a better mental position to evaluate your situation….If you ARE having a Panic Attack, you will be Anxious…..have a racing heart beat, clammy hands, and feel as though you might faint…

If you are having a medical emergency, your mind will be clear…There will be No Anxiety…You will KNOW what it is you need to do to reverse the symptoms…

Do whatever you are Hearing in your head…or Feeling in your Body…or Seeing in your Mind’s Eye… you WILL be guided to do whatever you need to do to correct your body’s imbalance, including calling 911 to get to a hospital….

And, if you are accustomed to working with The Other Side, their Obvious Absence will let you know you are having a Panic Attack, because your Spirit Guide is ALWAYS a FELT, KNOWN, Companion whenever you are having a true medical emergency.

The ONLY time you will NOT know what to do…and Be Able To Do It….will be if your Higher Self wants you to have this experience…regardless of the outcome….This, too, is comforting, and you will feel at Peace with your situation….no matter what it ‘looks like’ to other people…

You CANNOT have an ‘accident’…..!  Only a Karmic Experience!

If you did have a medical problem, after you have corrected the imbalance, and you are feeling fine once again, you may, probably will, have anxiety….because now that there is no ‘real’ threat, your ego WILL get triggered…It is normal to look back and unconsciously judge ‘the close call’…as your ego will label it, if you’re still dealing with this…

Take more Deep Breaths….and review the True Details of what you just experienced, because the ego has already magnified it, or distorted it, which is causing the anxiety.

You will find that you ALREADY KNEW the Cause of the medical problem…and that you ignored the warnings, either because you were afraid of what they meant…you felt powerless over them…or you just didn’t understand their importance to your body’s health…Whatever the reason, now that you are aware that you ‘knew’ the cause, you can make sure you do not let it happen again…and win this one battle with your ego.