What Is A Spiritual Teacher?

This is what I heard, when I asked in 1991.

I, as a Spiritual Teacher,
Act as a messenger for Spirit,
Who acts as a messenger for Christ,
Who acts as a messenger for God,
To share my knowledge of the above;
To improve our personal understanding,
And to set in motion the Process of Empowerment;
Which removes the barrier of fear…
Which opens the door to love of self and others…
Then to acceptance of self and others…
Then to forgiveness of self and others…
Which fills us with a deep appreciation
of God, Spirit and Life.

Are You ready? Is this the Path for You?  You must be ready, willing and able: to hear the truth* about yourself; to follow the guidance from your Spirit Guide or Higher Self, no matter how difficult the assignment; to live your truth; and to want to evolve spiritually more than anything else in the world. To those who can say yes to this, it is achievable. Your Spirit Guides, Higher Self and God are just waiting for you to want to make this commitment to your self. Once you do, they will come forward and give you everything you need to be successful, no matter how long it takes, nor how difficult the path may be. They will never abandon you, have never abandoned you. They are a part of you, just as you are a part of them.

If you answered “Yes” to the previous question, then the next question is: ” Is Rosemary the right spiritual teacher for me?   If she is, your energy will tell you so. It would have begun as soon as you arrived at this site, and then it will grow stronger and stronger until it infuses your whole body, as you read about her, and what she has to offer. If you do not feel any energy when you read about her, she is not for you. This is the litmus test of “spirit guidance”: if you are being guided by your Spirit Guide, Higher Self or God to make a decision, there will be energy in your body that will not be denied. You will KNOW, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this energy is coming from a Power Greater than You, and you will also know if it is saying “yes, do this”, or “no, do not”. If the energy is causing you pain, or knots in your solar plexus, or stomach, for example, then your Spirit Guide, Higher Self, or God is saying “NO! This is not for you.” If, however, the energy feels good, right or positive in any way, then it is God, your Higher Self or Spirit Guide saying, “Yes. We have sent you to this person, place or situation. It is for your highest good..proceed.”

The energy will grow stronger as you proceed in your visualization, either feeling better and better, or worse and worse. If you feel nothing, it is a time to wait for further information before making the decision. Try again later.

If what I say speaks to you, then welcome aboard.  Please contact me, so we can begin our journey together.


*About Truth: “It is easier to absorb and live the truth than it is to live falsehood. A lie is like an ailment. It must be cured. The truth is like health. It brings happiness, freedom from worry, and freedom from fear. Truth-seeking promotes spirituality.” Mrs. Cecil B. Cook God’s World Vol. 1