The Soul and How To make Contact With It

The *Soul/Higher Self resides on the Mountain Top of Spiritual Consciousness, and the personality resides down below, at the foot of the mountain, in the Valley of Spiritual Darkness. The pathway, between the two, has been called the Pathway to Enlightenment, or Nirvana. This is a representation of our lives here on Earth.

*I will be using the words ‘Soul’ and ‘Higher Self’ interchangeably throughout the reports.

This is the same pathway, as the one we began as newborn Souls/Higher Selves, and which we travel life time after life time, until the personality has reunited, rejoined, or become ‘as-one’ with our Soul/Higher Self. Now, as personalities that reside in the Valley, we are separated from our Higher Selves, most of the time, with only flashes of unity. The degree of unity, or separateness, from our Higher Selves, is relative, though, as each of us is at a different place on this Path to Enlightenment. As I say, some are in First Grade, others in Fourth, and some, in High School, for example.

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When My Spirit Was Broken…

When my spirit was broken, when I thought I had lost my way, I was shown new abilities and given hope again. No one can trap my soul now because I have no fear of death.  I have seen beyond the Void and have visited The Other Side. I know that I always continue to live in one form or another. That is the new kind of power that has been given to me.  Death to the body or death to the ego is the first step to rebirth.

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The Why Allegory By Isabel Hickey

Note:  Although I did not write this myself, I’ve received a special request from its author, Issie, who is now in the Spirit World, and acts a s my astrological mentor and teacher ‘from there’.  While I was compiling my list of new articles to add to my website, she clairaudiently came to me and requested that I include her channeled allegory to my list of articles.  And of course I said:” Of course. I’d love to, Issie Thank you again for all you give to me from the Spirit World. I wouldn’t be the spiritual astrologer I am if it weren’t for you and your guidance.”  And so Mote It Be.

I leaned from the low-hung crescent moon and grasping the west-pointing horn of it, looked down.  Against the other horn reclined, motionless, a Shining One who looked at me, but I was unafraid.

Below me the hills and valleys were thick with humans, and the moon swung low that I might see what they did.

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