When My Spirit Was Broken…

When my spirit was broken, when I thought I had lost my way, I was shown new abilities and given hope again. No one can trap my soul now because I have no fear of death.  I have seen beyond the Void and have visited The Other Side. I know that I always continue to live in one form or another. That is the new kind of power that has been given to me.  Death to the body or death to the ego is the first step to rebirth.

From 5/89 – 9/90, my spirit was propelled into the Crack in the Unvierse where there is no time, no space, just the raw energy of creation coming  from Great Mystery/The Universe.  All that lives inside me was free to give me joy or to haunt me until I faced it. What I gained, among other things, was Faith and Trust in All That Is/God/Higher Power.the Universe: I saw Truth and touched Eternity,  so now there is no way Society, or others’ opinions, beliefs or philosophies, can strip me (again) of my dignity or my inner  knowings, as happened to me as a child, when I was ignorant of my own connection to God.

The Crack in the Universe puts me in touch with pure creativity and allows me to see my abilities and talents, confront my fears, and to move into who and what I am becoming.  The raw potential that is the true Self is the knowing that brings freedom to every person.  The gift of self-examination allows the seeker to see those aspects of self that lay below the surface of the physical reality and to discover universes of consciousness.  The fears that do not surface due to denial can be accessed and handled through prayer and meditation, with the help of a Spiritual teacher .

Conquering limitation created in the mind will allow you to discover new opportunities to develop new abilities, or help you access those you already have that are as yet unrecognized, and therefore untapped. Acting on this advice will show you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that all goals are possible, EXCEPT those that are tied to your karma.  The decision to attack your fears is the beginning of the Sacred Path.Remove any denial that keeps you from developing new skills and use your talents and/or opportunities to develop them.  
A Note about Karma:  Everything we receive, the good and the bad, is what we have earned in past lives, because whether we believe in them or not, we are governed by the Universal Laws, one of which is the Law of Cause and Effect, known as the Law of Karma. The best way to deal with life, to reduce your suffering, is to go with the flow, allowing life to take you wherever it does, trusting that it is what you ‘volunteered’ to experience.  We are here, on this particular planet to Grow A Soul, not vacation on a warm beach. It is resistance to or the negative judgments to incoming information that creates suffering.  Non-resistance or adjusting, adapting and accommodating to life as it is, is the Path to Inner Peace.


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  1. I love how you describe the gift of self analysis. I think it springs from non-judgement because there is no emotions or wounded pride blocking you from reality. For me its like looking in the pantry for food shopping. I dont judge the pantry for not having the food items I just see whats there and whats not and replace what I need. The same with analyzing myself. This quality has allowed me so much insight and I often marvel at how blessed I am and realization that the limits of others often stem from not having this quality. I am so grateful that I have been given such a important and useful skill.

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