Transformation From Suffering

Covid19 is causing many people to suffer..some are dying….others are getting very sick..There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who suffers and who skates by unscathed…And yet, the Soul knows…It is your Soul that makes sure you are in the right place at the right time to catch this virus….There is no other reason…I found this excerpt from  Dr. Jean Bolen, about the Transformation of Suffering, and felt it explained why all of us are suffering, in lesser or greater degrees, from this virus, although she is speaking here to those who are dying from a terminal illness..Still, what she says here about Suffering applies to what we are all experiencing from Covid19, and I hope reading this will help you to accept that even Pain and Suffering is for our Highest Good…The personality definitely disagrees…it hates to suffer…but the Soul is willing to do whatever it takes, to put the personality into whatever painful situations are necessary for ITS growth…and Covid19 fits this description…

Astrologically speaking, Covid19 is related to the planet Pluto, known as the Transformer, in astrology.  And he was prominent in the sky last January, when Covid became such a strong global force.  If Pluto, in Capricorn, touched an aspect in your birth chart, then you have been experiencing a Pluto Transit, and will be feeling Pluto and his transformative qualities, personally.

As with everything written on this website, always take what rings true, in your gut, or solar plexus, and leave the rest….Adapt this article by Jean Bolen to your experience with Covid19…I hope it brings you some self-understanding, and inner peace.


Transformation of Suffering or a Pluto Transit

From A DESCENT INTO OUR INNER UNDERWORLD – our Sub-conscious Mind.

Excerpt from Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness as a Soul Journey

Jean Bolen, MD

Death of the old personality is required for an initiation, transformation, rebirth or resurrection. In the midst of this suffering and pain, you can feel betrayed, lost and alone.

When you recognize that your old personality, and often your old life is now dead, for the soul, this can be a turning point; it is intended to bring about a massive change in priorities and bring to the forefront questions of meaning and meaninglessness about how you are living your life, about what really matters, and whether or not you matter to yourself.

For the ego that had maintained the illusion of control over fate, this is often the lowest point.  For the personality, if ego turns to the Soul to lead the way through this Underworld experience, there will be unexpected discoveries. It reshapes us – from the inside out.

This ‘Descent’ can be gradual, or sudden, depending on the Soul’s decision as to which ‘path’ to enlightenment is going to prove the most opportunistic for the Self.  Whichever Path is chosen, it entails rendering the personality ‘naked and bowed low’ to enter your sub-conscious mind – your personal Underworld.  And the purpose is ALWAYS initiation, transformation, rebirth or resurrection of the personality.

The reason the Soul asks us to take this spiritual journey into our sub-conscious minds is because we have become too attached to power, prestige, wealth and social status.  And, when other methods to reach us, have repeatedly failed, the Soul sets up the circumstances for us to have this experience of a Descent Into Our Underworld, either through a life-threatening physical or mental illness.  Mental illness is also known as self -will/ego run riot.

Addictions that kept feelings at a distance are taken away. Denial, intellectualization and rationalization is forced to go, thus exposing you to the painful realities of your life, these defenses have been protecting you from owning, from you knowing the truth about what you are doing to your Soul, by living unauthentically. Your Soul is seeking for you, the personality, to know the truth about your emotional and spiritual life; so you will see those areas where your emotional and spiritual life has become barren – a wasteland – and thus can no longer serve you.  It must go, either with or without your cooperation.

Whenever psychological/emotional defenses dissolve, however, a descent into the underworld of depression and fear can occur, because the dissolution of defenses against knowing the truth may reveal an emotionally and spiritually barren life, an empty marriage, or a meaningless job, as well as the reality of the seriousness of the medical condition and accompanying fears.





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