The Law of Karma and How It operates in Your Life* (As I understand it today)

*Karma can block your understanding of this Law. The good news is that you will not be aware of it. Ignorance in this instance is truly bliss. Someday you will. Then the lesson will be to not judge your ignorance; to not judge your not-knowing as it can last a long time. Mine was a 28-year karmic debt. But, karma ends just as everything else does, just in in God’s time and way, not ours, and our Higher Self is aware of this, and understands that when we break a universal law, the only way to not repeat it is to experience the consequence. But it is not personal. It is just a matter of cause and effect. Annie Besant in her lecture, A Study In Karma says,

” Each force works along its own particular line, and that when a number of forces impinge on a particular point, the resultant force is the outcome of all of them. Goodness is not a cause of flying, nor does it bring in money. Tennyson touched on a great law when, in his poem on “Wages,” he declared that the wages (of virtue) were …. the glory of an active immortality. ‘Virtue is its own reward’ in the fullest sense of the words. If we are truthful, our reward is that our nature becomes more truthful, and so sequentially with every virtue. Karmic results can only be of the nature of their causes; they are not arbitrary, like human rewards.

Often the worst enemy of virtue is in easy material conditions, and these, which are spoken of as good karma, are often the reverse in their results. Many who do fairly well in adversity go astray in prosperity, and become intoxicated with worldly delights.

The pleasure-giving and pain-giving objects around the living creature draw out its energies, and we call these multifarious energies brought out by external objects its desires, whether of attraction or repulsion. Only when these are all drawn in, united and pointed towards a single aim, can we term this single energy, ready to go forth, the Will. This Will is Self-expression, i.e., it is directed by the Self; the Self determines the line to be taken, basing its determination on previous experience. In the subhuman and lower human kingdoms, desires are an important factor in karma, giving rise to most mixed results; in the higher human, Will is the most potent karmic cause, and as man transmutes desires into Will, he “rules his stars”. Continue reading