What IS A Spiritual Teacher

What IS a Spiritual Teacher?  I didn’t know when I was told to call myself one, now many years ago.  I had just earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, and was assuming I was to be ‘hanging out my shingle’ as a counselor/therapist just like everyone else who had gone before me, when I received a message from my Spirit Guide that said, “Call yourself a spiritual teacher”.  I was dumbfounded.  “What?” I asked again, not sure I’d heard this channeled request accurately, and the Voice of my Spirit Guide said it again: “Call yourself a spiritual teacher”.There was a slight problem, however.  I didn’t have the foggiest idea what a spiritual teacher was or did, and I had a responsibility to my client to describe this new title, and I couldn’t.  I was overwhelmed; at a loss; unsure of what to do next.  My future had just drastically changed, and I was beginning to realize it.  Now, the question was: How do I accomplish this?  And what am I ‘expected’ to do or be to my clients?

I sat down on a loveseat in my waiting room, which is where this dialogue with Spirit took place, to think about my predicament, knowing full well that I had been given a directive I could not dismiss, and as I sat there, I saw a pair of clown shoes materializing covering my feet, and it made me smile, because it so aptly described how I was feeling, and it let me know that I was ‘on the right track’.  This also relieved much of my anxiety, because it was definitely a ‘sign’ from The Other Side, letting me know I was not struggling with this alone, and that always comforts me.

Next, I heard Spirit say, “You can’t call yourself a counselor, a therapist, or use the word psychotherapist in your title because these words already have their own meaning, and it doesn’t include being a psychic channel while offering counseling services., so it would be a misrepresentation of these titles if you used one of them.  Whereas a spiritual teacher speaks to this aspect of your role as a counselor/therapist and requires no certifications or licenses from Man.  Ahhh… I thought.  Now I understand. I am already acting as a channel for my clients, but now that I have a ‘Degree in Counseling’, I also have a responsibility to not misrepresent, and thus must become an independent in this arena. The next step was to ‘define’ it, and Spirit responded to my request with the following poem:


What is a Spiritual Teacher?

This is what I heard, when I asked.

 I, as a Spiritual Teacher,

Act as a messenger for Spirit,

Who acts as a messenger for Christ,

Who acts as a messenger for God,

To share my knowledge of the above;

To improve our personal understanding,

And to set in motion the Process of Empowerment;

Which removes the barrier of fear..

Which opens the door to love of self and others…

Then to acceptance of self and others…

Then to forgiveness of self and others…

Which fills us with a deep appreciation of God, Spirit and Life.

So…If you find your way to my Door,

It is my belief that your Soul or Higher Self sent you.

Namaste, Rosemary

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