Today’s Working Definition of the Ego

Today’s Current Working Definition of the Ego

The ego, as I understand it today, has no contact with the Spirit or Heaven World, and therefore, to the ego, this world is the only one that is real; the Heaven World does not exist.

The ego is born after birth, usually at around two years of age, when the child hears its first “no”.  Its desire is being thwarted, and its mind doesn’t understand, so it searches for a reason.

It cannot fathom that it might be the parent’s fault, because the parent has been its God, its Rescuer, its Protector, so it doesn’t even consider that this is because of the adult.

There is only one other person who could be responsible: me, or the child itself.  So, the child says to him/herself, “I must be bad”.  And the ego is born.  Then, every time the child’s desire, or want, is refused, the child draws the same conclusion: “I am bad.” Or “I am wrong”, as it begins to understand that there is such a thing.   Until, or unless, these false beliefs, generated initially by the mind of a 2-year-old, are consciously examined by the Self, the personality will retain each false belief, and act accordingly, creating more and more unnecessary pain and suffering for itself.

If it is not understood, before we die, we will have it explained to us once we get to the Spirit or Heaven World, but this does not happen JUST BECAUSE WE DIE.  For those who do not believe in an after- life, they never reach the higher planes of consciousness where the ego dissolves; instead their egos continue to control them on the lower astral planes, that are just above the earth plane.  This is why it is so important for each of us to seek to understand the ego, and how it manifests in our lives.  It is created, and activated with each negative judgment about incoming information, from one or more of our five senses.

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Painful Life Experiences

Painful Life Experiences

I was rummaging around in my Word documents and found this article, by ‘accident’, from 2007,..and it resonated with me so strongly that I thought it might be helpful to you, too. We all have times when life feels overwhelming, when we feel alone, and hopeless. This article helps me cope with those days, so I hope it will help you, too. Please remember to take in what rings true for you, and leave the rest! And..if in reading it, you begin to feel ‘worse’..then dump it..Stop reading…and move on! Mrs. Cook was a Chicago pastor and trance medium. Lloyd Kenyon Jones transcribed her channeled messages from shorthand, and The Wm T Stead Memorial Center published it in 1919! It had to be a work of love and truth because you can still purchase the complete book (reprinted) on Continue reading

Self Confidence Defined

In This Moment of Clarity….. In this Vacation Moment From my Daily Life

Here is What I Know

Every mistake, every apparent choice, every decision, regardless of outcome, is important – valuable to the Soul – which is why the personality is not ‘rescued’, informed, guided, relieved of its fear, doubt, guilt or shame.

Self-confidence is built upon these mistakes.  It is BECAUSE of these painful, frightening experiences that confidence grows; that self-confidence is created.  It is HOW self-confidence is built.

Without the struggle, without the doubt, without the constant shifting from ‘ it’ to ‘no….don’t’, there can be no sense of personal achievement, of personal strength, of courage:  Self-confidence defined.

Whatever you’re experiencing…anxiety….fear…doubt…guilt…someday you will be able to look back and say to yourself, “I needed that experience to be where I’m at today..and I’m grateful for it.”  Today, read and re-read this article, seeking to feel the truth of it in your heart or solar plexus center. And I hope with all of my heart that it brings you some relief from your pain..some hope and faith that this, too, shall pass, and you will be fine!          Namaste


The Ego And How It Came Into Being (as I understand it today)

The ego, as I am using the term, today, represents our little or lower self, that aspect of us that was first formed as a very young child, probably about the age of 2 or so, when our parent, or parental role model, first said “No” to something we desired.  Heretofore, everything we had asked for, had been filled, or at least if it wasn’t we weren’t aware of it, weren’t aware that we had been “denied” a wish.  But, by the age of two, or so, we are beginning to develop a sense of our selves, as individuals, and we are beginning to realize that we have individual wants and needs, wants and needs which we learn to just “reach out and grab for”, to fulfill our need for instant gratification. Continue reading

The Process of Transmutation of Negative Qualities

Channeled When I was Experiencing a Lot of Emotional Pain

As always, it came ‘out-of-nowhere’, and, again, as always, it gave me immediate relief and restored my peace.  Thank You, Spirit…Again…

Spirit said to me: “I can feel your pain…but, my dear, to heal it you must figure out what your 50% is..if you can.  If you are not told, then it is karmic, and you need to ask God to give you the strength and courage to face the consequences of your actions and for help to overcome the hurt and resentment in your heart, if there is any, for both yourself and for anyone else you may be blaming…unconsciously…..

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