Why Meditate?

Why Meditate?  Why take all of the necessary time and effort to develop the habit?  Why, once you do develop it, do you never ever want to stop?  Because the rewards are so fulfilling, so satisfying, so remarkable.  It is one key to changing your life,  to accepting it as perfect, just the way it is. To being able to love, bless and forgive yourself and others for anything that has caused you harm, or for any harm you may have inadvertently caused another.  It can return you to health, on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and introduce you to your Spiritual or Higher Self.  It is the door to the Universe, which is the Unlimited Resource for All Problems.  The Universe has the answers you seek, and you can access them through meditation, with practice, persistence and patience.  Sorry, but like everything else here on this planet, it must be earned.

So what IS meditation?   Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward to a single point of reference. The benefits of the practice can engender a higher state of consciousness. Meditation is recognized as a component of eastern religions, where it has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Meditation takes care of your body, mind, and activities. It is with the mind that we do everything. The mind is the key; or think of it as an airport, from which you can travel anywhere you want to go, or ‘do’ anything you want to do, because you are using one of the most unique and wonderful aspects of your mind: your imagination.

And to use your mind as the valuable resource it was intended to be, you need to keep it in good shape, to keep it clean and sharp. Developing a meditation habit does this.  If you meditate regularly, you will have no complaints in life. All of your problems will solve themselves, if you are regular in your meditation. Through meditation, the mind gets the capacity to solve problems and rise above difficulties.

What’s the catch?  As stated above, it requires sustained (over a long period of time) patience, persistence and practice, building up to meditating at least once every day. Once you begin to experience the benefits, however, you will be hooked.  The rewards make it all worthwhile.

Rewards I have received through meditation:

  • I frequently reverse viruses and other common ailments.
  • I always receive answers to my questions, because I trust that when I do not, I need to have the experience itself, and that once I have had enough, the answer always comes, and I always realize that I needed the experience in order to understand and apply the answer.
  • I never ask for something specific. I trust that my Higher Self knows what I ‘need’ and is always providing it, so instead I ask that I, too, understand what I, as the little self, or personality, is trying to learn.  When asked with this intent, I always am told, and although my ego may not ‘like’ the answer, it always resonates within me as the truth, and as being for my highest good.  And THIS makes it doable, acceptable, in fact, perfect.  Now I can join my Higher Self in making the experience flow, and reap the benefits WHILE still experiencing the lesson.  Learning becomes a positive experience.
  • It helps me understand the cause of my fear, doubt, guilt and shame, which dissolves them so I can reverse my attitude to one of love, and forgive myself, the other, and whomever or whatever else needs to be forgiven. Whatever was judged as wrong or bad, now is right and good.
  • I can live thankfully, with gratitude, with appreciation for every experience without judgment.  This gives me a level of self-confidence, which the world cannot give, and an inner peace which the world cannot take away.
  • I experience KNOWINGS, in my heart, or solar plexus, that I am all right, that everything that happens to me is also right for me, and this gives me the inner peace I constantly seek, and find, through meditation.
  • I use the Universe as my Inner Guide, so I make choices and decisions that are right for me, because they are now guided by my gut, by what feels right, after I have asked the Universe and/or my Higher Self what to do, or what to say.  I have learned to be patient, and wait for ‘their’ opinions rather than acting on my ego’s suggestion.


If you’d like some coaching, or assistance as you learn, please feel free to call or write. I’d be glad to help.


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