Apr 27, 2023

Fast-Forward to the present.  Constipation, ugh! so personal! So Private! And yet, this is why I am a spiritual teacher.  Spirit told me many years ago that in order to work with them, which is my passion, and my life’s work, I needed to be ready, willing and able to share with anyone whatever they asked me to share..So…today it is constipation….

I’ve struggled with it off and on for many years, but never thought to figure out ‘why’..Like everyone else, I wasn’t aware that it represented a deeper issue, which needed to be addressed, rather than ‘managed with laxatives’.  Up until now, my Higher Self has allowed me to do just that…Manage my constipation with laxatives; so, unaware (Ignorance is bliss!), I did…

Today, however, my Higher Self has upped the ante:  Now I must see it for what it is:  a symptom of my on-going fear of illness/disease; or as I’ve learned in the last few days.

I need to digress for a moment:  Fear, doubt, guilt and/or shame are products of the ego, which is activated with negative judgments…And any information coming from the ego is False! I’ll say it again:  All Information coming from the EGOISTIC mind is False!  This is because the ego is ‘born when we are about 2 years old, and dies (for those of us who have been able to let go of our physical (bodily) addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, etc. before we die).  This is (probably) 95% of the population.  And I KNOW this is true…I know it beyond any shadow of a doubt.  I know it because it has been proven to me hundreds, probably thousands of times…and now because of my many years channeling Spirit and my Higher Self….. I trust it.  I hope this resonates as true to you, too. Truth resonates within us, in the body.  For some it is a “Gut Feeling”..or a “Knowing” that says..”Yes. This is true. I know it is!”  For others, it is goosebumps or chills…For each of us, there is one Universal Truth:  You WILL Know It is true!