Painful Life Experiences

Painful Life Experiences

I was rummaging around in my Word documents and found this article, by ‘accident’, from 2007,..and it resonated with me so strongly that I thought it might be helpful to you, too. We all have times when life feels overwhelming, when we feel alone, and hopeless. This article helps me cope with those days, so I hope it will help you, too. Please remember to take in what rings true for you, and leave the rest! And..if in reading it, you begin to feel ‘worse’..then dump it..Stop reading…and move on! Mrs. Cook was a Chicago pastor and trance medium. Lloyd Kenyon Jones transcribed her channeled messages from shorthand, and The Wm T Stead Memorial Center published it in 1919! It had to be a work of love and truth because you can still purchase the complete book (reprinted) on


Painful Life Experiences

God’s World, by Mrs. Cecil Cook

Experience and Development: Chapter Sixteen (XVI)

“Our purpose on earth is to gain experience. It is through such experience that we must develop.

What makes some people successful and others failures? What brings distinction and fame to a few and nothing but hopeless woe to many? Why do some make the best of their talents and others waste the talents which God gave them? What is it which carries some persons to the ends of the earth, bringing them adventure, guiding them through narrow escapes, bringing them into contact with strange people and strange conditions?

It is guidance, and it is the working out of that fundamental principle of mankind: Experience.

Some of our experiences are for the purpose of paying debts that we owe. And in the very payment of a debt that has never been obliterated from the ledger-page of the Law of Compensation, there are new experiences – new gains – for the debtor.

We find some lives as drab and event-less as a somber day. Others we find filled with light and sunshine and purpose. Some we discover tinged with the deep stain of tragedy. Many show all of the hallmarks of determination or duty, and others are as restless as the rustling of dead leaves.

Every moment throughout the world, the drama of life is undergoing changes. Into some earth lives, there comes very little that is either new or interesting. Some people pursue the course of their earthly careers with perhaps only one real experience. Therefore, experience is more than the mere process of living in the flesh.

Doting and overcautious parents have so hemmed in their children that experience seemed impossible for the offspring. How many times do we find the girl who has been reared in a home of ultra-protection going out into the world without foreknowledge of the dangers that beset her? She is like the hot-house plant that is placed in the open prairie to grow and battle with the elements it has never known. And there are times when these young and unprepared lives are crushed. But the very process of crushing – the very thing that seemed destructive – might have brought a wealth of experience that could have been gained in no other way.

The soul refuses to be defrauded out of its experiences. No matter how difficult earth-life may seem, how harassed or disconsolate a mortal may be, the soul has an inner reassurance that all is well, and that the very penalty that is being paid will be regarded some day as a rare privilege.

We cannot see in life’s experience the education of the spirit. We sometimes refuse to believe that the earth-world is a school and that we are receiving only the lessons we require. We encounter some characters who are apparently taking a post-graduate course, who are simply rounding out the experiences through which they have been in previous incarnations. We find others into whose lives sweep the tempests and storms that are apparently unending. But we are attracting and demanding, whether we think so or refuse to believe, the very experiences that we need to make us that which we would be.

The time must come when we shall pass into spirit, as many of us have passed before. And when we enter the spirit-world, there will come to us the cumulative memory of all that we have lived – not merely in the compass of two, twenty, forty, or sixty, or a hundred years, but since God gave us individual being. And then we shall look back upon the life we lived in the flesh. We can laugh at our hardships then, and we can thank God that he has been good enough to open the way for us to feel the heartaches and the hunger-pangs and the disconsolate days and nights when hope seemed crushed within us. Then we shall know that all of our earth-experiences were blessings, and that he who has experienced most has most to be thankful for. We cannot see those things now, and the spirit-world realizes that we cannot see with that clear vision that does not belong with carnal things.

We live according to our needs. The events through which we pass in this world bear the same relationship to the development of our souls as food bears to the nutrition of our bodies. We shall have the food we require and never too much or too little. We are like the fruit on the tree, and our experiences are like the sunshine and the rain that will ripen us until we are ready to be plucked and taken home.

Experience cannot be thrust upon us. Only as we feel the lesson that each new experience brings, are we the gainers. What man has a right to say what our experience shall be? This is God’s laboratory, and it has many workers, many ingredients, countless formulas, and God alone can determine those that are the best for each of us. Can the parents select successfully the future groom of their growing daughter? Can they rob their boy of experience by insisting that he must be something toward which he does not incline?

Each of us lives his own life, assisted by his own guides and with a destiny determined by God.

We see families of our youth who occupy positions of wealth and influence. The years pass-the frost of tragedy touches that home and blights it. The children go out into the world, and years later we find them poor and struggling. If money and power could have shaped the destinies of those growing boys and girls, they would have carried the family fortunes to higher levels. Their experience was to be something different.

And how many times does the waif, whose only life has been the city streets, whose only knowledge of his fellow-beings has been abuse, rise above the narrowness and hopelessness of his environment, and leave his name inscrolled in the hall of human progress?

But to each of us is left a large measure of selection. Perhaps the thing we fight for and wish to gain will never be ours. Perhaps time and time again we must fall and bruise ourselves and get back on our feet bewildered, only to learn that what we thought we were working for was simply a mirage leading us on and on, to some better course and some greater purpose.

We may ask why so many honest persons struggle vainly all their lives only to glide down the ways of life into eternity’s ocean, without ever having given evidence that they were repaid for their suffering and their disappointment. We may ask a million kindred questions that would seem to prove the futility of life.

No soul has ever wended the earth-way without gaining something of value that could never be taken away. That soul may have accumulated debts that had to be paid, but in the very payment came new experiences. That spirit may have come back time and time again, but on each journey through this vale of marl and doubt, that spirit was gaining and its gains were being added together.

It is easy to doubt. It is never difficult to complain about life. Nobody seems to be punished for crying out against the hurts of the flesh. But in the face of all these opinions, the earth-world grinds steadily along and even the earth-memories of the old wounds and the old injustices pass into oblivion. But every one of these wounds and injustices must be healed and rectified somewhere, somehow, sometime. Every laugh and every tear, unnoticed as it may be in a hurry and whirl and worry of earth-events, has served its purpose. It has helped teach some soul some lesson, be it ever so small.

We often are reprimanded when we are doing our best. Sometimes we expect compliments and rewards and receive only criticism and rebuke. At other times, we are rebuked when we can see that we have done no wrong. And we realize after a while that only as we see and understand, have we profited. Even the unjust reprimand has helped us.

The mother without love for her baby might punish that infant, when the child could not possibly understand the reason for that punishment. We might say that we have been punished, which means that we have brought punishment upon ourselves, when we could not understand why. Often the experiences that seem like punishment are essential. They are not given to us in order to pay an old debt, but they come to us to prepare us – to strengthen us – for greater tasks that we must meet. We do not know, and it is not easy for us to understand, that our earth-experience that may seem so filled with calamity, with unfairness toward us, with hopelessness, is preparatory not of what is to follow in the flesh in this incarnation, but of what is to come at some future time.

Development, without experience, is as impossible as the growth of a plant with nothing upon which to feed, or as the growth of a mortal body without food. The earth work of one person may be ruling a nation, and of another to grow grain and vegetables. We say that the one is more desirable than the other. Is there more glory in ruling a nation than in helping God’s plants to grow and to feed mankind?

We would all be great. That is human. If we could all be wealthy, we could not be human. Some of our richest lessons are taught by poverty, by disease and by distress. God does not tell us to have those lessons. We select them.

We are very often like the person who hungers for knowledge, and is placed in a great library with thousands of volumes all around him. He wishes to absorb the learning of every one of those books, but he knows that it will take him a long time to master the truth that even the smallest volume would contain. He makes his selection. He may choose the largest book. But whether he selects the largest or the smallest, he has finished with only a small part of the fund of information at his command. Seeing that book, feeling it, weighing it, speculating upon its qualities and purpose, will not imprint its contents in his mind. He must read it, one word at a time, and think of what he reads.

And so in life, while we see experiences and the results of experiences all around us, we must pass through some of them individually before they mean anything to us.

The soul never loses the benefit of any experience incarnate or discarnate. The soul understands. But the soul is operating through a body that belongs to the earth-world. That body is the medium of the soul precisely as much as the spiritualistic medium is the channel for spirit-communication. Your soul controls your body exactly the same as a spirit-control would inhabit and govern the body of a (trance) medium. And while the soul is operating through the mechanism of the earth-body, it absorbs all of the pain and fear and worry of the earth-world. The soul – the real self- is the gainer. And except for the fact that God provided bodies for us to inhabit in this world, it would be impossible to gain the same degree and kind of experience that we pass through, in our earth-lives.”

Namaste, Rosemary
November 2, 2018

Self Confidence Defined

In This Moment of Clarity….. In this Vacation Moment From my Daily Life

Here is What I Know

Every mistake, every apparent choice, every decision, regardless of outcome, is important – valuable to the Soul – which is why the personality is not ‘rescued’, informed, guided, relieved of its fear, doubt, guilt or shame.

Self-confidence is built upon these mistakes.  It is BECAUSE of these painful, frightening experiences that confidence grows; that self-confidence is created.  It is HOW self-confidence is built.

Without the struggle, without the doubt, without the constant shifting from ‘ it’ to ‘no….don’t’, there can be no sense of personal achievement, of personal strength, of courage:  Self-confidence defined.

Whatever you’re experiencing…anxiety….fear…doubt…guilt…someday you will be able to look back and say to yourself, “I needed that experience to be where I’m at today..and I’m grateful for it.”  Today, read and re-read this article, seeking to feel the truth of it in your heart or solar plexus center. And I hope with all of my heart that it brings you some relief from your pain..some hope and faith that this, too, shall pass, and you will be fine!          Namaste


Saturn In Pisces Square Neptune In Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius Squaring Neptune in Pisces: A Compendium

This is a compilation of information copied from many articles written about Transiting Saturn Squaring Transiting Neptune in 2015 and 2016.

None of this is my personal interpretation nor does it reflect my personal or professional opinion.

Because it is going to affect millions of people, I wanted to have it available here for anyone who is interested.

If you don’t know whether or not it is going to personally affect you, I’d be happy to draw up a birth chart for you, and let you know based on your natal placements in Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius, the 4 signs this square is going to impact.

As always, please take what rings true for you, and leave the rest. Because of our own past lives, every aspect affects us differently.

Remember to let each insight or awareness gleaned from reading this article “Be O.K. and it will be a positive (even if challenging) experience, from which wonderful soul growth can come.

Embrace it! Be Grateful! and you will recognize the rewards from its impact sooner rather than later!    Namaste, Rosemary


These are the dates when Saturn and Neptune will be in an exact square in Sagittarius (Saturn) & Pisces (Neptune) respectively:

  • November 26, 2015: 7 degrees
  • June 17, 2016: 12 degrees (Saturn and Neptune Retrograde)
  • September 10, 2016: 10 degrees (Neptune Retrograde)

The squares will be felt roughly 1 month in advance of the exact dates.


What’s Real?

Both planets are in mutable signs, with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are focused on the search for The Truth about our entire existence, each in their own way. Both faith and reason can work together to authenticate what truth and reality are. Honestly, this stuff isn’t that hard. And, we can change the structures of our lives based on new wisdom and insights. A little flexibility will go a long way towards preventing disillusionment.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces share a traditional ruler, and that’s Jupiter, the planet of faith and the brightest future.  And the coming together of Saturn and Neptune in these signs brings together instinct and the intuition, and something more….the kind of sharpened merging of intelligences that’s needed to make the best choices.

Reality itself can seem loosely held together, and at times, shared assumptions are busted up, in favor of more expansive — and inspiring — world views.  Saturn aims to restructure the philosophical outlook, and free the mind to travel beyond known boundaries.

In its square to Neptune (Pisces) there can be disillusionment, and a dissolving of what seemed so real.  And in that moment, there can be the urge to escape, if it’s too shattering a process for the psyche.  But it can also be liberating, when the blinders are off, and there’s more to see and do and be.

And with mutable mania in this meet up, the choices come at you constantly.  It could be said that a life lesson of mutables is to experiment with choice, and gain confidence in the ability to adapt.  With Saturn involved here, there’s a sense of finding stability through those choices.

The solid path is the one with meaning and that rings true, that’s corroborated by crazy serendipity.  If something feels off, it could be time to let old ideas and assumptions float out with the Neptunian tide.

There’s a time to commit (Saturn) to the vision, and a time to go with the dissolving flow (Neptune).

Those that keep an open mind, and are willing to admit they’ve been “blind” to some things — that some perceptions have been veiled — are able to adapt to the swift perceptual changes of the times.

Here we have a chance to get Saturnian with our Jupiterian highest aspirations, and set out on the path of achievable goals.  A big theme is restructuring life around true aims, whatever that takes.  And sometimes, it means a massively agonizing overhaul — that’s where Saturn’s rep for being a baddie comes in.  Saturn might say it’s all for your own good, and in the end, we can eventually look back and see that too!

The fire signs (and planets in fire signs) get a bolstering from Saturn.  Along with it, comes an inspired urge to stabilize a dream, with the support of a higher calling or vision.  The big vitality of fire signs finds its way to concrete expressions.

And something that lasts is created by keeping eyes on the prize — goals that marry personal desires with the aim of making the world brighter, wiser and more enlightened in some way.

When Saturn is blazing through your natal Sagittarius House (or Houses), that’s where you put in extra effort.  It’s time to tend to foundations or lay the groundwork, in that astrological house.

Saturn also has a way of closing (sometimes slamming) doors.  If Saturn transits your Seventh House, for example, you could see significant people exit your life.  But it goes both ways, and Saturn there also brings people your way that will be meaningful and possibly long-term, like a marriage or enduring friendship.

Higher Learning

Is it time to get some kind of credentials?  This transit could lead to formalizing study in some way.

And yet, the very way we set out to gain knowledge could be up for restructuring.  Some might find more stability through independent study, where the driving impulse is to follow a thread of inspiration or intellectual curiosity.

We’ll continue to see the rise of the independent researcher, freed from the limiting end result of compartmentalizing knowledge.  There could be exciting new interdisciplinary fields that widen the view of the world.

Handling the Truth

The quest for knowledge as a stabilizing force finds its way into media, too, with Saturn into Sagittarius.  The shift away from sponsored-media with set agendas is freeing and expansive.

What’s already begun could be stabilized, and create more solid opportunities in the area of independent journalism.  Sagittarius by way of Jupiter, rules the public discourse.  And we could see a restoration of integrity with media, as individuals and networks set standards of loyalty to truth (a Jupiterian aim).

There can also be with Saturn, a pull to face fears that keep something fearful under control.  So with Saturn in the sign of the truth seeker, we can invite overcoming fear, when it keeps us from looking and connecting the dots.

Saturn gives us the backbone to tolerate that state of being in-between, when one world view is being challenged by what’s discovered.  By being able to let go of outdated perceptions, we find a new stability.  And we gain confidence in our ability to make these kinds of adjustments, in the future, as more is learned, and the picture ever deepens and widens.

Beams through the Fog

Take note that Saturn (Sagittarius) will be squaring Neptune (in Pisces) at different times through the year 2015.  One outcome here is big compassion for the many ways to make sense of life and our world.

There could also be a freeing of the spirit by dissolving beliefs that keep us in narrow fields of perception.

Sagittarius is the sign ruling the ninth house of education, foreign affairs and world view. Many of our views and viewpoints will change with this Saturn placement both on an individual and the collective level. Of course, how it affects you personally will depend on which house of your personal chart it falls in.

Saturn squares Neptune becoming exact at 7 degrees Sagittarius-Pisces November 27-December 4, 2015. Many events and situations related to this square will become apparent before the square becomes exact and after. If this transit aspects your chart you should have an idea as to what it may bring before the transit becomes exact. Seldom do Neptune or Saturn bring shocking surprises, but rather the effects of these planets become apparent, or should be apparent before it becomes exact most of the time if you are paying attention to what is really going on.

While Saturn rules our structure, Neptune transits tend to dissolve situations over time. Structures, situations and relationships  may begin to dissolve into something else if this is aspecting your personal planets. As Neptune dissolves that which we consider our structure some things may come to an end, especially if this aspects a personal planet in your chart.

During this period we could experience an uncomfortable time where situations, ideas or even people dissolve from our lives and the new has not yet emerged. The old will fade away to make room for the new but it will not happen overnight. This could affect any area of your life, depending on where this transit aspects your chart: which planet and what house it occupies. As this is mutable energy, circumstances can change and evolve into something different.

The resulting changes  can cause confusion and lack of clarity, depression and discouragement for a time until the new replaces the old and you regain your clarity and confidence. The thing to do is to remember that life is ever changing, evolving and growing, and if something or someone you consider of value disappears, its time had come, and there is better ahead. Typically there are warning signs all along if you have been paying attention. If you look at the signs, this becomes a period that can be seen as the inevitable conclusion to an ongoing situation that was riddled with problems to begin with. If it is meant to last, you will go through a period of discouragement followed by renewal on a stronger level.

This transit can bring to the fore issues with addictions of all types, and the time may be at hand to get control of unhealthy impulses that deny real happiness and growth.

As Neptune squares Saturn you may experience some time of real emotional growth or deep awakening that can show you the truth you seek, or lead you in a new direction. It is after all, the truth that actually sets us free. With the truth you discover you can develop a new focus and direction. Never underestimate the ultimate illumination that the combination of Saturn and Neptune can bring. While Neptune rules the thoughts-either true or untrue- that run through our subconscious mind, Saturn brings reality home, and for some this can be a positive experience that can lead to a new and better direction in life and more authentic living.

Sometimes Neptune transits coincide with lies, deceit and even false accusations. If this is the case, know this energy will not last forever and keep your faith in yourself, and there are time that it is good to remember that from a spiritual standpoint what is happening now may end a situation and lead to bigger possibilities with something else in the future that you couldn’t have envisioned.

On another level this transit may help to give concrete realization to long held dreams and during this period they may take form after a period of time and through a great deal of hard work and effort.(Saturn) The fantasies, (Neptune) or dreams you hold may be made into reality through the hard work of Neptune, and with work and persistence it is possible to combine the energies of the two into a concrete result.

That said, Saturn and Neptune don’t easily mix. Saturn builds structure through hard work, while Neptune dissolves. Saturn tells us to work hard while Neptune dissolves situations and says take the easy way out or find an escape, so the two planets are in conflict. My advice, if you are trying to build something is to stick to the work, which will pay off in the end without cutting corners. Personal sacrifice is generally in order with Neptune transits, and Saturn can delay results.

There can be a spiritual element to this transit as Neptune rules religion, compassion and that which is hidden and unknown. Saturn can bring structure, where there as none and the new can be born on the ashes of the past. You may feel a desire to help others or be drawn into some idea or cause.

After Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo, he’ll move on to a square with Neptune in Pisces (when he transits Sagittarius). There will be three squares between Saturn and Neptune throughout 2015 and 2016. As I mentioned in Part 1, Neptune expands because it dissolves limits. Anything and everything might be possible, but the trick is discerning reality from fantasy. Neptune in Pisces (the sign that it rules) is pure fantasy, creativity and transcendence. Saturn in Sagittarius will be the test. How will the expansion stand up against reality? Will you able to transcend the limits of your fears (or skepticism) to achieve that dream? A square from Saturn to Neptune can work both ways: the reality check that pops the growing bubble, or faith/vision that dissolves paralysis.

It won’t be easy (faith never is). A Saturn/Neptune square often amounts to disappointment as the vision shrinks. That’s Saturn acting as dehydrator. Saturn’s entire transit of Sagittarius (I’ll write more about it as the time approaches) will be about finding proof behind the promise. Focusing the Big Vision and dragging it into the present.

That focus and search for proof will cause tension with whatever Neptune has been loosening up in Pisces (in your chart). Neptune can be so subtle that you may not even be aware of what’s it’s been doing, until it gets hit by the Saturn square. Suddenly, the dream/hope will come into focus, along with a bitter hit of restriction. Gone before you even knew you wanted it. Impossible for ______ to happen.

Or maybe….?

Whether you end up disappointed or transcending limits depends on your chart, and the other influences hitting it. While I’d love to say that everyone will be able to make the magic happen, the truth is, some will have a rude awakening. Not everything is possible, and not everything belongs to you. For those indulging in escapism, denial or addiction, this square will be especially harsh. Sometimes Neptune takes you down the wrong path, and Saturn is your course correction.

But for others…this square will be a rare opportunity to confront fears/pessimism and go higher. Saturn can focus the dream and give you traction. That traction will not be pleasant. It will manifest as a lack of something essential. But the discomfort will push you to do something. Sometimes the Neptune vision needs limits so you can wrap your mind around it.

Saturn is the principle of reality. He governs boundaries, discipline, mastery, responsibility, limitations, restrictions, fears and karma. Neptune is the principle of transcendence- which is about rising above reality and opening up to what lies beyond. Neptune governs dissolution of boundaries, mysticism, spirituality, creativity, inspiration, delusion, deception and denial.

With Saturn square Neptune we have an aspect of tension between reality and dreams, formation and dissolution, pessimism and delusional idealism, practical manifestation and Divine inspiration, being in this world and not of it. Conventional astrology tells us this aspect can bring confusion, lethargy, depression and dullness. And yes this is true- but that is only half of the picture. whenever planets square each other initially they face off and are not in harmony, but the whole point of tense aspects is to work with them in a way that finds a bridge between black and white, good and bad, this and that. The point is to get to a place where we can hold space for both/and- instead of polarizing in either direction.

If we polarize towards Saturn we will feel heavy, depressed, limited and restricted by the realities life is throwing at us. if we polarize towards Neptune we will check out, turn to addictions, avoid dealing with reality and feel like a victim. Yet if we get these two seemingly opposite planets to work with each other- then we can anchor (Saturn) our dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn). Ultimately this aspect requires that we learn how to have one foot in both realities- material and spiritual- without disconnecting from either one in ways that are detrimental to our growth, wholeness and happiness.

Another layer of the Saturn/Neptune square is revealed when we look at the signs both planets are inhabiting. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius and Neptune is in Pisces. These are the two signs that govern spirituality. Sagittarius governs spirituality from an external perspective. Sagittarius travels somewhere, takes a course and/or reads a book to mentally and spiritually expand. Pisces governs spirituality from an internal perspective. Pisces turns within, listens to dreams, meditates, reflects and pays attention to intuition in order to spiritually grow and expand. With the two signs of spirituality clashing with one another- another theme of the year is that of spiritual crisis with the potential for deeply grounded spiritual mastery over ourselves and our experience here on planet earth. a deep questioning of our path, direction, beliefs and what is True can arise this year. This can play out personally in our day to day lives, as well as collectively in the form of events or experiences that have us questioning what they mean. This kind of aspect reminds me of the dark night of the Soul- which sounds really scary, yet it is the only way to really shatter old beliefs and attitudes and open us up to the awareness/experience of something new. if you are interested in reading more about this topic, a great read or listen on the dark night of the Soul is ‘Spiritual Madness’ by Carolyn Myss.

All year long as these two dance close together, personal planets will trigger them both.


How and Why I Became a Spiritual Astrologer

Over a very short period of time, I went from having a thriving counseling practice, running three or four spiritual groups, and giving readings as a psychic, medium, healer, or spiritual teacher, to sitting all day – every day – in my recliner – in my living room.  The only social contacts available to me were my family and my Spirit Guides. The only activities available were those necessary to maintain my health, my home, and my familial relationships.  But, thanks to my relationship with Spirit, which creates my Inner Life, I was never truly alone, and did not become depressed, at least not in my heart, or soul.  I was, however, lonely, because the phone had stopped ringing, no clients were seeking my counsel, no clients were seeking me as a psychic reader, and my children were grown and off living their own lives.  Even my husband was busy, and not home very much.  I was alone much of the time, day after day, sitting in my recliner from morning to night, contemplating my life, and my choices.  My ever-judging ego/mind was upset with my current conditions, so I felt frustrated, but, powerless to change it, and I missed, mightily, my once busy, fulfilling, outer, or worldly, life.  I would meditate to relieve the stress of doing nothing, seeking to let it be O.K. to just ‘be’, but it was always a struggle.  The truth was, I was fighting boredom, my worst enemy, and I knew it.  I did know, though, that there was a purpose to this, that there was a lesson I was meant to learn, I just wanted to learn it, and get on with my life, but that was part of the lesson, so it dragged on and on, interminably I (identified with my ego) felt at the time. Continue reading

What IS A Spiritual Teacher

What IS a Spiritual Teacher?  I didn’t know when I was told to call myself one, now many years ago.  I had just earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, and was assuming I was to be ‘hanging out my shingle’ as a counselor/therapist just like everyone else who had gone before me, when I received a message from my Spirit Guide that said, “Call yourself a spiritual teacher”.  I was dumbfounded.  “What?” I asked again, not sure I’d heard this channeled request accurately, and the Voice of my Spirit Guide said it again: “Call yourself a spiritual teacher”. Continue reading