How and Why My Psychic Abilities Developed

I was born with the gift, but I still had to learn how to use it appropriately, and I had to understand what it was.  As a young person, in fact, until the age of 32, I didn’t even know I was psychic; I was taught that it was a mental illness, and to control it, or better still, stop doing it, but I couldn’t. It was a part of me, a part I believed over which I had no control, because I never knew when I was going to blurt out something about another person.  And I was always so surprised when they would ask me how I knew, because I always believed I’d been told, but, of course, I hadn’t.  Then, I’d feel guilty for knowing this secret information, and yet, I’d not done anything ‘wrong’.  To move beyond it, I lied, saying whatever I felt would get me the acceptance I sought, and I’d always vow to not do it again, but, of course, I had no control over it, so it would happen whenever it wanted to, much to my embarrassment. Continue reading

List of Astrological Symbols


The Signs of the Zodiac:

 ♈ Aries  ♎ Libra
 ♉ Taurus  ♏ Scorpio
 ♊ Gemini  ♐ Sagittarius
 ♋ Cancer  ♑ Capricorn
 ♌ Leo  ♒ Aquarius
 ♍ Virgo  ♓ Pisces


 ☉ Sun  ♃ Jupiter
 ☽ Moon  ♄ Saturn
 ☿ Mercury  ♅ Uranus
 ♀ Venus  ♆ Neptune
 ♂ Mars  ♇ Pluto


Asc Ascendant  ☊ North Node
 MC Midheaven  ☋ South Node
Vertex  Rx Retrograde
Part of Fortune Chiron
Ceres Amor


 ☌ Conjunction Sesquiquadrature
Semi-sextile Quincunx (or inconjunct)
 ✱ Sextile  ☍ Opposition
 ☐ Square Parallel
 Δ Trine Contra-parallel



Painful Life Experiences

Painful Life Experiences

I was rummaging around in my Word documents and found this article, by ‘accident’, from 2007,..and it resonated with me so strongly that I thought it might be helpful to you, too. We all have times when life feels overwhelming, when we feel alone, and hopeless. This article helps me cope with those days, so I hope it will help you, too. Please remember to take in what rings true for you, and leave the rest! And..if in reading it, you begin to feel ‘worse’..then dump it..Stop reading…and move on! Mrs. Cook was a Chicago pastor and trance medium. Lloyd Kenyon Jones transcribed her channeled messages from shorthand, and The Wm T Stead Memorial Center published it in 1919! It had to be a work of love and truth because you can still purchase the complete book (reprinted) on Continue reading

Self Confidence Defined

In This Moment of Clarity….. In this Vacation Moment From my Daily Life

Here is What I Know

Every mistake, every apparent choice, every decision, regardless of outcome, is important – valuable to the Soul – which is why the personality is not ‘rescued’, informed, guided, relieved of its fear, doubt, guilt or shame.

Self-confidence is built upon these mistakes.  It is BECAUSE of these painful, frightening experiences that confidence grows; that self-confidence is created.  It is HOW self-confidence is built.

Without the struggle, without the doubt, without the constant shifting from ‘ it’ to ‘no….don’t’, there can be no sense of personal achievement, of personal strength, of courage:  Self-confidence defined.

Whatever you’re experiencing…anxiety….fear…doubt…guilt…someday you will be able to look back and say to yourself, “I needed that experience to be where I’m at today..and I’m grateful for it.”  Today, read and re-read this article, seeking to feel the truth of it in your heart or solar plexus center. And I hope with all of my heart that it brings you some relief from your pain..some hope and faith that this, too, shall pass, and you will be fine!          Namaste


Saturn In Pisces Square Neptune In Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius Squaring Neptune in Pisces: A Compendium

This is a compilation of information copied from many articles written about Transiting Saturn Squaring Transiting Neptune in 2015 and 2016.

None of this is my personal interpretation nor does it reflect my personal or professional opinion.

Because it is going to affect millions of people, I wanted to have it available here for anyone who is interested.

If you don’t know whether or not it is going to personally affect you, I’d be happy to draw up a birth chart for you, and let you know based on your natal placements in Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius, the 4 signs this square is going to impact.

As always, please take what rings true for you, and leave the rest. Because of our own past lives, every aspect affects us differently.

Remember to let each insight or awareness gleaned from reading this article “Be O.K. and it will be a positive (even if challenging) experience, from which wonderful soul growth can come.

Embrace it! Be Grateful! and you will recognize the rewards from its impact sooner rather than later!    Namaste, Rosemary Continue reading